Server reboots & updates

So many players have made it a point that they are either in a battle or doing something in the game with no announcement that the server is either going to be updated or rebooted on official or on private. a simple fix is to create a broadcast on the user admin side of the game same as found in ARK so we can broadcast directly to all players at once MOTD is not an option. this would go along way for those renting allowing them to hold events easier to host, reboots, updates and more.

What do you mean by this? Random server crash?

Or maybe while in the fight your mashing X (on ps4) and accidentally ignoring the message?

blue screen crashes , crashes out of the wild unexpected with no reason it should even of occured.

I don’t know on ps4, but on pc on official server when the server restarts (for an upgrade or just for daily restart) we receive 3 warnings: one 10 mins before restart, one 5 mins before restart, the last one 1 minute before restart.

Obviously if the server crashes there is no warning you can have.

Rented servers do not broadcast updates or reboots they just reboot when the update is completed. but the biggest problem is say we need to adjust a setting that was wrong and one player let’s us know we have no way of letting the other players know unless they belong to discord or community page on PSN and not everyone joins those and the biggest issue is 1 reboot out of the blue can cause 19 players to go to another server not returning to this one of course that is dumb but it happens.

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That sounds bad. :confused:

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