Server Rental Company?

Hi all. I recently bought Conan Exiles. I like it thus far and am having a blast. I decided to rent a server for me and a few others before progressing too much. I am having some difficulty deciding which company to rent a server from.

I narrow it down to three choices based on reliability, high-level customer service, (for running a PC server for dummies like me)… any advice or suggestions into the companies?

  1. Survival Servers (SS)
  2. Blackbox Servers
  3. Ping Perfect

Thank in advance,

I’ve used Gportal (the host of the Official servers that Funcom uses), and I’ve used GTX Gaming.

GTX Gaming is a few cents more a month than Gportal, but very much a better experience. Its UI is a little less user friendly, but it doesn’t glitch sometimes like Gportal’s does.

The customer service on GTX Gaming is also quicker. I’ve admined for a server that used it and the owner remarked several times how the CS rep would talk to him directly on their discord within minutes. of having a problem.

Gportal uses a ticket based system and can take a few hours to respond.

Both services will give you a virtualized box. Which for a few friends is more than enough. Adding mods is relatively easy for both (a little trickier on GTX due to the UI, but it will work). And I’ve found GTX actual server settings (changing idle food/water crafting speed, ect.) is a little better organized.

Both will serve your needs well.

I’ve used Ping Perfect for a Space Engineers Server. But not Conan. From what I remember their UI is very user unfriendly. Once you’ve got it, you’ve got it though. But other than that I don’t remember many issues. They do have a ticket based system that takes a minute to get a response.

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What did you mean “Once you’ve got it, you’ve got it though” ?

Once you figure it out the first time, you won’t have trouble after that.

Ok, thanks… I decided to go with Survival Server for now and hope for the best but still hope for more resonances in case.

Let us know how well they work. Others might be shopping around and options are always great to have.

So, I send a private message to you or just post in this thread?

I say post in this thread. We where having a discussion about rental servers on the Steam forum, but that one got closed. (Despite it being a constructive and non trolling discussion)

I personally use GameServers (first thing that came up for off google when I did a CE server for rent search). Only problem I have had with them, the server went down once, but was brought back up within minutes.

Despite my experience with them being good thus far, I have heard of others having negative experiences with them. I would like to hear how other providers are treating their customers and quality of their service. this is who I use. They are amazing really. fast servers with free cloud backup and ssd based server rigs. Mine i hosted in dallas texas. low pings fast reboots.

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Love the posts above. They are all spot on. Preference is Active Game Host as posted by @TheJedi

Adding another option…If you are in it for the Long Haul and you have good internet bandwidth it is very cost effective to run your own server. Asus ROG laptops are very high end grunty server beasts. Have had a couple now and my current server is ROG G55VW with 16GB RAM and 750GB 7200 SSHD…which could go with a 500SSD now…may switch it out. These run about $1100-1300 US…lots of options and sales. Good thing is…you get to keep it.

Ran ARK for a couple of years, ran NWN1 & NWN2 servers (while ARK was running!!) and ran CE for 6mo with no issues and very quiet.

As others said, this thread. I currently don’t need a host, but others might.

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