Server Restart Messages Not Broadcasting, Using Server Launcher

Server owner here. Just started up another Conan server after seeing the new 3.0 update, but am running into an old issue.

Last time I had my server running, I had an issue after one of the major updates (can’t remember when exactly it was, at least 2 years ago) where my server restart broadcast messages were not being shown in-game, but were still coming through to my discord server web hook.

Fast forward 2+ years, same issue with my new server. I’ve scoured the web looking for solutions, but only found unanswered threads with the same issue. Really hoping someone from Funcom can chime in, cause it’s pretty frustrating not knowing when the server is going to reset on you. It’s already caused some headaches for my players (and myself as well). For reference, I’m using the Dedicated Server Launcher version 1.6.6.


If your rcon enabled

yes, RCON is enabled with a password

When you send rcon msgs do they show as expected

Only in Discord, not in the server itself, just like the restart messages.

Have the same issue, rcon doesn’t want to work. been trouble shooting for a while now…

But if you have Pippi, use the TTime and set it to give announcements x minutes before daily restart.

Are you enabling the rcon messages when the server is stopped? They cant be enabled if the server is running. Also, questions pointed here:

will get a fairly quick response. Toolguy checks in on it frequently and maintains the dedi launcher.

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