Server roll back sept 3 2033

So this is ridiculous we have been at a war on 2588 with two different clans getting jumped and they have wiped us 5 times straight. We finally built back up and got revenge and got all of our stuff back and took one of the clans stuff just to get rolled back to the day where we was wiped and had to start all over for the 6th time. We had a 9 man clan now everyone has quit but me and one other and then I log on to rebuild finally got a kit and the server crashes without notice and is down for hours and now I have to go to work logged off in a populated spot about to lose everything I do have. I’m starting to feel like I’m wasting my time playing this game after years of playing it’s getting worse and worse. You can roll back the damn servers messing up things for everyone who plays over some damn thralls but won’t do sky base checks or things that should be done by the devs on a regular basis. Why should we have to report this stuff you guys can go god mode and look every so often. Not to mention I reported one weeks ago with all the info and screen shots and nothing was done it’s still there and the clan still plays . Then I get a kit together and go start to gather stuff for the server to crash unexpectedly and not come up for hours then I have to go to work and gonna come home to nothing again. I’m so frustrated with this game man nothing gets done and when something gets done it messes up more stuff