Dev Wiped. Uninstalling tonight

So. Officially done with this game.

We had a clan join our server, Gaosh Nemen. They joined the server, extremely aggressive. We found they had a base. Our two clans attempted to raid, but to no avail. One of our mates reported them, and we never saw them again.

Then, a couple weeks later of playing this server, we log in, our base? COMPLETELY dev wiped. Along with the other clan who’s played for years on that server.

I wish we knew the reason why were wiped. The ofher clan, it couldve been land claim abusing. My clan? We don’t know. We built on a rock, walled off that rock. We didnt extensively land claim. We didnt wall off resources either. Great job ruining your game, Funcom.

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You could file a report with Zendesk information in introduction pages there is a section for it. @BetaX