Server settings for the purge?

What should be in serversettings.ini for the purge?

Did you ever find the settings? I’m also curious. I got a server from gtxgaming and I can’t seem to find how to enable the purge.

If you are an admin it’s under setting and it’s the last thing on the left, says purge

Manbot71 - to clarify - I DID see it in-game. Is there an out of game ini file, where the settings can be found/adjusted?


I ( and “logic servers” my hosting company) also would like to know what settings we have access to for our servers the only setting that even mentions purge in the serversettings.ini is PurgeNPCBuildingDamageMultiplier=5.000000,5.000000,10.000000,15.000000,20.000000,25.000000)
and the only way to see this in to use the text editor… Now thats not an issue.
what other settings are available to us
what numbers i.e. higher or lower and how they effect the settings…

the best information I have found so far is on the conan exiles gamepedia site

:orange_book: Updated Server Settings to manual Version 1.4

Please let me know if I’m missing anything, and feel free to contribute.