Server settings reset

I would invite you to my server but even my doesn’t meet the official settings 100%.
Remember, if Funcom someday decides to wipe official servers, you will have to drop that pill, too!

Correct. But that is the only downside.
On private server I will have to question if the admin is clean, if he will continue hosting, if he wont wipe weekly, if he introduces changes to server settings because he can. And many more questions like these.
Or if I am safe playing the way I want (I am highly aggressive, victory by all means excluding cheats type of player), many people enter crybabymode in response to my playstyle and demand admins to take actions against me, and usually they oblige, because they want their servers be in “fuzzy we-all-are-friends-and-butterflies” damage control lame mode.

The word “many” says it all.

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I assume he wants to be able to say and do what he wants with no regulation or restrictions. If so many people are upset with your play style maybe there is something wrong with it.

I find it funny that you call your victims crybabies yet whine of the forum and the servers.


I see. Then I suggest you don’t play on my server. I have met like you before and they were a reason to host my own server. Raiding at least once a week same person, destroying everything and left others with nothing to start over. Besides, I noticed, that they are fine with this philosophy as long as it played into their hands. But multiple times it happened to me, that, when they are on the side of victim, they start to cry like everybody else.
The point is, it’s a game. We do not Olympic Games here! We all bought it to have fun, and if your fun mainly consists of taking it form others, you end up alone. From my point of view, it should be approached like any other game you do with others. You certainly would not always clash your tennis ball into your opponents face during a game with friends just to make sure you will win. Or foul everybody while playing soccer. So why do it on the internet? I try to include others, even if they have different opinions, but I cannot maintain a healthy server population with people, which show this kind of attitude.

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I’m still very interested to read some of your Journalism work, may I see a link? PM me with it if you’d prefer, but I’m sure the publicity here would help you get better known?

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I can totally understand you. But yeah, i actually would clash my ball in the opponent’s face just to make sure I win. I like winning. Why wouldnt I? I mean this is exactly the reason why I play on officials. I want to wreck stuff, and I dont mind being wrecked myself, I always have a contingency plan if i get offline raided. I think this is the core of this game, it is PvP it is barbaric and it has no rules.
If you just keep on building and nothing more the game becomes a boring chore. What else is there to do when you have the base of your dreams built after months of hard work? Wipe the server and build anew? Please.

So people like you really do exist… Good idea that you stay on the official servers, players like you aren’t welcome on many servers, most of all ours.

I notice you still won’t give us any examples of you’re “Gaming Journalism Prowess”, is that because your school teacher is still marking it?

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You are really begin to be very irritating. Turn your logic on and try to actually figure out why would one not want to retain some sort of anonimity?
If you live in my country you will be able to have a read when the article gets released. I do not have to explain or prove anything to you, mr. Someone-from-a-forum.

No respectable or genuine journalist would want to prevent the public from reading their work. Cowards hide and BIG themselves up from a distance. My name is Phillip Kimpton


Hello Phillip Kimpton, I am Solry.
How is your day?

This is getting us nowhere. It doesn’t matter if we agree in his game, nor if he is “someone”. He bought the game and joined a official server, Funcom is responsible for. Thus he can expect help from them. Just like all the others who are “nobodys”…


I’ve kept reading this thread, and it only became more interesting when he went ‘I am a big fish in my country.’ I was looking forward to reading some of his articles. But Mr Big Boy here just chickened out.

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