Server showing a ping of 9999

As the title says, official server #3046 is showing a ping of 9999. I tried reporting this via the onscreen message. Well that was waste of time, it opened a page on Google docs informing me “Dont used anymore”!
I recalled reading that help was provided by Zendesk. Finding a link to it on the forum turns out to be a trial. Maybe having an obvious link to it would be a good idea.


Hello @zwkdiv,

The report link is below make sure to select: “Official Server Performance (downtime, connection issues, etc.)”

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Thank you @h3rb1. :+1:
I’d already made the zendesk report when I posted here, but it took way too long to find a link. I just feel that it would be good from a customer service pov to either have an obvious link here or to replace the truly appalling google docs page with a message giving the link to zendesk.

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Totally agreed!

If I’m guilty of something, write the reason for blocking

You gave me a link to a resource where there is absolute silence

Hello @paxanj , you need to wait for a response from ZenDesk, there is nothing that I or @zwkdiv can do for you.

Yeah this to has been happening on Xbox every day for the past 2 weeks it’s a different server every day don’t know for sure but it might have something to do with the new map that’s coming just a guess

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