Server take hours before appearing in server list -- new patch broke server, cannot connect anymore

Hello everyone,
I’m running 2 server for conan in docker (exile and siptah). Since the 3.0 update, there seems to be something that make the server not appear in the server list. Sometime, it take many hours. Looking at the log on both, I don’t see any relevant message on that, my gameserverquery does see it and a direct connection work.

They do operate on distinct port. It wasn’t an issue before 3.0 so I’m wondering that happened.

Thank you


This has always been an issue for me. I always have to have my people direct connect for a day or two before it appears.

hmmm… I restarted my server and now, we can’t even direct connect. It’s weird and it seems to be since the last update we just got this morning. Even I, on the lan, can’t connect… But still no error message. I even shutdown the other server just to be sure.

Yep THAT is something I found this morning. The new patch it seems has taken my server off as well and cannot reconnect. I notice that its churning as well. It goes to 0% cpu to 8.54% for a while back to 0 and cycles.

My guess is the patch broke something since it doesn’t correct and just sits in this cycle.

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Yes not able to find my servers as normal after an update or a big crach!

I contacted G Portal. They fixed me really fast and my server is up.

can we know the fix? My server is hosted on my side, not on gportal

They didn’t tell me the fix. The tech just said they modified some of the hardware settings and asked me to try again and I did and it worked.

hmmm… I tried doing something, I started a new docker with a new server and it shows. It seems the update doesn’t get properly applied to the server. I’m trying one last time before I try a restore on the new docker

Well, weirdly, it’s now working on my original docker. Maybe a patch was pushed during my testing and that’s what I got from the new server. Weird

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