Server wont run


I’m attempting to run a conan server on my intel nuc - I’ve run one before with no issues but this time around when I hit “start server” in Dedicatedserverlauncher 1.3.8 or the beta, it downloads, says its running then immediately stops.

I keep all the server stuff in one folder and copied that entire folder (meaning the same config) to my desktop and run it which runs fine/launches the server as expected

My best guess is there’s a dependency or some library missing - I’ve manually installed/updated .net c++ and directx and also installed and launched the game itself from the NUC next step is formatting windows but i really don’t wanna go that far.

any suggestions?

apparently new users can’t add files (so i can’t add logs)

Yes, ports are open I attempted to share a screenie of the launcher which showed the ports were all happy and I didn’t have anything weird setup.

Of note my desktop isn’t setup with the correct port forwards (as I was just testing it even worked) and it still gladly launched the server.

the log ends with:
[2021-06-01 04:15:20.266] [TID:1416] IMPORTANT: DedicatedServerLauncher - **** Server is running ****
[2021-06-01 04:15:21.102] [TID:1416] IMPORTANT: DedicatedServerLauncher - Reloaded engine.ini file
[2021-06-01 04:15:21.108] [TID:1416] IMPORTANT: DedicatedServerLauncher - Reloaded game.ini file
[2021-06-01 04:15:23.267] [TID:1416] IMPORTANT: DedicatedServerLauncher - **** Server is stopped ****

i’ve tried without mods.

i’ve isolated and freshly installed from the dedicated server utility with all default settings.

despite that if i copy it all over to my desktop it runs fine.

is there anything other than c++ .net or direct x that usually needs to be installed for this stuff to run?

Installed the Latest beta dedicated server software (1.4.6?) and suddenly everything is working again.

I haven’t even restarted since I downloaded 1.4.5 and tried it (it didn’t work) so no idea why it’s suddenly decided to start working.

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