Servers are Dying Here is Why

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Misc]
Region: [EU]

  1. [NO MANS SKY] Remember that game Game No Mans Sky ( It got named No Man’s Lie or One Man’s Lie . Look it up )
  2. [ARK] Did you play ARK? always waiting each week for these Updates that never come? ( Because apparently they where in CERT [Certification Process] ) Sony don’t work Saturday or Sundays so it eventually Roles out on the Monday. [BUT] After waiting Weeks for this CERT you finally get it. [BUT] Then a couple Days Later there is another HOTFIX Update which was never announced and managed to get it through CERT so quickly, yet it took ages for the updates we was actually waiting for.
  3. [STAT GLITCH] okay most people abused the stat glitch lotus potion thing which i think made the game better but worse at the same time. I liked Double Jumping and running with Encumbrance and killing bosses easier without the use of lotus potions swapping all the time. Now i think it would be better if we can have more points for the levels we currently are at. To give us a chance of full stating at least 2 stats and some points left over for something else.
    4.[ORBS] For the people like my-self and other players i know you just wiped all their ORBS who legitimately farm for their stuff. You just made half the server Quit. ( on the other hand you got rid of the duplicated exploit ) which was good but lost some players.
    5.[LEGACY] Since you had all these bugs and exploits and stat resets etc. In my opinion you should of just Made all the servers LEGACY wait for them to die off and have New Servers with the none Cheaters in. similar to what ARK did.

I know my grammar is bad comment as you wish.

I can see this game doing what ARK no-tame did in my experience in playing these games your going the wrong way about keeping your player base.

you have made your millions have you ? people will remember you as FUNNOT and not FUNCOM if you keep this up.

Think about the players and not yourself. DLC can come later focus on the gamers… That care about the game, the servers are dying because of the lying if you carry it on your will hear more crying. So listen to the gamers who will save yers.

The Game has so much potential but your doing everything wrong.

Thanks for the read guys enjoy.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
2.Play Conan
3.Try find the server you was playing on after 5 mins in the server list.
4.Experience the bugs for yourself.

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