Remember No Mans Sky?

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This game has so many buggs and issues that it shouldnt even be in closed beta. The latest XP nerf, damage nerf and giveing 50% of the npc legendary shields officially crossed the line to makeing the game not fun any more for me. It just clearly shows that the developers have no clue on how to do proper balanceing.
The xp nerfe made getting people that you meet tru discord to all join up on 1 server, basically impossible because lvling to 60 again is way to grindy.
The damage nerf made 1v1 pvp combat a battle of who runs out of food/water first, because you cant really deal enough damage to kill some1 any more swiftly enough before they just dodge away and heal up with auto regen…
The game feels like a “No Mans Sky” cash grab atm and i hope that they prove me wrong about this by actually finishing the game.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Make the skeleton of a game where the base is a copyphase from Minecraft.
  2. Add graphics and nudity for distraction.
  3. Collect money
  4. Brake your unfinished game some more with nerfs to stuff that wasnt really broken.

I agree. I posted about the same last week and they hid my post. Claimed several fourm users flagged it as not in line with the guidelines. Truth hurts, I give this post another hour or so…

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yea funcom not gettin my money for dlc i was gonna buy all the dlc as i normally invest in games i feel listen to the community and compensate for loses i will save my $$ for fallout 76 and maybe some dlc there sorry funcom no more of my $$$ and i really wanted to fully support this game but thralls falling through my floors house pieces decaying over night xp nerf loot vanishing body nowhere to be found loot lost numerous times these things i cannot forgive any longer

It took all of that for you to realize they know nothing about balance or progression?

Hell all you had to do was just look at the gear.

Hell I actually like no man’s sky, but I never listened to the hype about it, I also never played it at launch. I bought nms when I saw it in the discount bargain bin of a game store.

Anyways nms has a huge patch coming July 24th that will actually introduce multiplayer and other content players expected at launch. It took the nms developers a long time to polish that tûrd.

I’m just hoping it doesn’t take Funcom two years to finish and polish Conan or it will just be someone that picks it out of a bargain bin that gets to play a finished Conan Exiles.

It really didn’t considering two things.

  1. Hello Games is a very very small studio.

  2. They stopped making money off of it almost as soon as it launched. So many refunds were issued I’m surprised they continued working on it to clean it up. Bugs and glitches were terrible, but they were fixed relatively soon.
    If Hello Games was working on Conan exiles we’d be looking at content addition and qol patches by now. What they did with NMS with the limited manpower and income is hands down exceptionally remarkable, even if their game was not.

Funcom, while also a smaller studio but much bigger than hello Games has dropped the ball so hard in comparison.

You made my day :slight_smile:

Got banned from forum 3 weeks ago for asking for patches , now im back Fraudcom !! And still game is broken lol