Servers Disappear Again

Hello Goodnight. The servers keep disappearing. The 3050 pve range only appears 2. The new 3058 server is no longer a few hours ago. And several more servers. I bought the game when it came out and it is the 2 time that happens to me. This is going to be able to fix it. At least put more servers to rent. It does not bother to pay, it bothers to play for nothing.

Salut j’ai le même problème avec le 3056 je me suis fait déco et plus rien. Impossible à retouver

They disappear more. My friends have the same problem. A little disaster. If a company alone does not control servers well there more companies, but really … People have paid for something that does not work.

This is the jungle nigi

Épuis un peu marre de recommencer à cause de tout sa sois faut changer de serveur car ta trop de monde soi tu perds le serveur c’est super déjà 4 fois