Serveurs 3008 pve UE disparue encore

Serveurs 3008 officiel pve ue est encore disparue… apres etre passer a 9999 ping…
Sa devient chiant a la longue, se jeu demande suffisamment de temps pour ne pas a avoir a recommencer 50 fois…

Not sure what you said, but I can just about assume this has to do with 3008 vanishing. I was also coming here to report that happening.

It was fine earlier today (around 2:00 GMT); but upon returning two hours later it was refusing me entry. Thought I’d leave it a while, only to return and see the server no longer listed!

Also - Hello neighbour! Looks like I won’t be firing explosive trebuchet rounds at you until this is fixed…

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Hi neighbor :slight_smile:
That’s unfortunate :’(
I prefer it to gas :wink:

I who wanted to farm the grasshoppers…

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Report to Zendesk

Funcom people won’t be back till Monday

seriously Monday… :cold_face:

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Serveur réapparue pour le moment :+1:

Hey there,

Please report server downtime through our Zendesk platform:

Thank you in advance.