Servers going offline every hour!

I’m having problems playing on the Latin American Servers of Conan Exiles with each update of the Game this has been getting worse and ■■■■■■ has not solved this problem, I remember that when I started playing the Servers here in Brazil they restarted at 4:00 AM, Now they were restarting during the day too, but now with this last update it got much worse, The Servers are almost 1 hour online and 1 hour offline, For every hour online they are 1 hour offline, it is becoming impossible to play in the next update it will be what? 30 minutes online and 1 hour offline? I bought all the DLCs, I buy the Battle Pass, and all this to not be able to play? ■■■■■■ Solve this problem this is a lack of respect for people who buy your products and play your games Respect your consumers and answer our requests to solve these problems!


Logging in to day looking at events log server reset 5 times since playing yesterday ps4 official pve-c Siptah server not sure what is going on. Welcome to the Forum. @Community why so many resets. @LukezZarathos

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Greetings @LukezZarathos ,

Thank you for reporting this issue to us. Could you share the server numbers you have tried, please?

Thanks in advance!