Set Altar Decayed...Again...Along with more items

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [US PvE 3890]

A month ago, I logged in and our Set altar had decayed, taking an Archpriest with it.
Two days ago, I logged in and the replaced altar had decayed, taking a High Priest with it. Also, my son’s bed and all the furnishings in his bedroom (table, decorative crap) had decayed. The stuff was in his house, inside our main structure, on top of the foundations that cover the entire courtyard. I don’t understand why the items decayed.

Last night, I logged in and the water well in our fort by my house had decayed. I had just used it the night before when I went upstairs to log out.

I have been getting messages about minor items switching from normal to abandoned to normal in the log on a regular basis. I check the log every time I log in. Every one of these items is connected to the main base.

My concern is that something of importance is going to decay and we lose hard to replace items, like a chest or cabinet filled with Legendary weapons, named thralls in reserve, or our stash of star metal/supplies. It takes time and effort to gather this stuff. I don’t want it going away because of a software glitch.

The base is on the plateau at F5, west of the Corner of Bones, across from Lester the King Scorpion.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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