Sanctuary of Mitra decayed for no apparent reason

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: EU server #3004


So I haven’t played the game for about ten days. When I logged back in I’ve checked the log and noticed that my Altar of MItra decayed, two days after I’ve logged off. I’ve had it for ages and it was placed on ground in the middle of quite a big base, surrounded closely by structures. Decay times was 336 hours when I’ve checked with the hammer, jut like on pretty much everything around it. So why on earth it deacayed without any reason after 48 hours ? I’ve lost 1148 manifestations of Zeal, 100 Ambrosia, 4 statues of refreshments and of course a priestes that was assigned to it.
Any idea what have happened and how to prevent it from happening again ?
Kind Regards.
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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. No idea it just happened all of a sudden, it was there for ages.
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Its a known issue at the moment.
And unless you need it for PvP protection I would advise against upgrading from tier two to three at the moment as there is there is a high probability that the upgraded temple will fail to get placed correct and will despawn.

It’s very random that the alters decay. I suspect it’s something to do with objects being on them when the game renders that sparks a decay/abandon code to initiate. But it’s not reliably reproducible so Funcom will have a hard time fixing it. Ditto with the randomly abandoned/unstable placeables that suddenly despawn in the middle of bases.


Hello @Shaw, thank you for getting in touch!

Was the altar placed on top of foundations, or undergoing an upgrade?

If it was being upgraded, there’s a big chance it disappears if you’re not standing besides it, which should be addressed in the upcoming update.

Don’t think this one has anything to do with upgrading or foundations. Sounds like just random stability loss bug.

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Sounds like yet another item disappearing for no reasons at all, like always have been since day one in Conan Exiles.
But I am sure “the developers are working on it”, as I have heard 12 months ago.

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Hey there,

Nope it wasn’t build on foundations, but on the ground and close to foundations and other structures. It was also Tier 2 for a very long time. In fact I can’t even recall when I upgraded it from Tier 1 to Tier 2, but I’m sure it was ages ago so I wouldn’t consider it a factor here.

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