Lost fully upgraded Mitra Temple in seconds


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So I went online to my clans base on pve official server 3882 today and did all the stuff I normally do to check that everything is good with our castle build (decay rate, etc.). Everything looked good using my repair hammer so I went on to upgrade our Mitra Temple to it’s highest grade since I finally had the materials. As soon as I put the stuff into the mid grade temple and told it to build the upgrade it looked like something might be wrong because it said I had input 800 hardened brick instead of 400. I figured I might have just made a mistake so I moved on to get something else but when I came back seconds later the whole thing was gone and a bag was on the ground with next to nothing in it just a couple manifestations of zeal and ambrosias. When I went to touch it that too disappeared. Super disappointed and irritated that all that time and material was lost out of the blue for no reason.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Check decay rate with hammer
  2. Input materials to upgrade temple
  3. Turn around
  4. Poof. Temple gone
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Usually this happens when the altar is on something that can’t support it at tier 3. Check event log. If it says the altar ‘lost stability’ then it needs more support underneath. On pc you can find out the stability status of a certain tile. Unfortunately not on ps4

Happend to me too some time ago. There was not enough stability

So tell me again, why a T1 & T2 have enough stability, but a T3 suddenly not?

The stability of pieces doesnt change randomly, just because there is sth on top of it…

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Its because the shrine changes size while upgrading on tier3. It gets bigger. And if it not on the right position it disappears

Does the space it needs to stand on gets bigger or does only the visual appearnce makes it look bigger?

Because on tight spaces, I cannot place a T1 altar… Even when you see, there is enough space.

@Wak4863 If you are bored, maybe you can make some tests regarding size of T1, T2 and T3 alters :slight_smile:

yea if you build the t1 temple right up against the world mesh, sometimes when it goes to upgrade to a larger footprint, it sees that it would overlap the mesh and deletes it. give plenty of space around your temples.

I’ve got a video in the works that would cover this info. No clue when I will get it done though.

They do grow some and in the past they shifted a bit. Not sure if they shift now or not but I have not seen a lot of reports about them losing stability which is what was happening in the past. So it’s a good possibility that it clipped through a wall or roof and lost stability because of that.

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Ahaa!! Never build against anything world-related…

Hmm. I’m really not thinking this was the case this time. The shrine was on a nice big flat patch of ground, right in the middle with alot of room on all sides.

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Hi @jinxsama1, thank you for your report, we’ll forward this information to the developers.

Se hizo ateo lo siento

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