Temple losing stability weird

Playing on pve official server. Got a small khitan base in the volcano. Hadn’t been there for about a week and when I did my Mitra Shrine had vanished. Event log said it lost stability. I was under the impression that anything places on foundations inherited the same decay timer as the foundation. Am I incorrect in thinking this? It was perched as I said on T3 foundations which have a decay timer of 360 hours plus change from memory. What’s happening here?

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Place temple on T3 foundations
  2. Don’t go near it for at least 6 days
  3. Return to find Temple has decayed

Many of us are finding strange and unexpected decay and despawned items including tier 3 alters and wheels of decay.
This includes tier 3 alters that have been in the same place for months. My clan has had a t3 Derkato and t3 Yog pit despawn. We have a t3 Mitra that has come up as going into decay … so I’ve cleared it of everything but the unmovable zeal in anticipation of logging in to find it gone any day now.
At the moment quite a few players have reported that when they upgrade from tier 2 to 3 that the alter fails to place and they are left with a loot bag. So unless you need that alter in preparation for PvP (when they finally fix the server restarts despawning god bubbles and turn avatar back on.)
I would advise not rebuilding past tier 2.
(These problems started being reported frequently when the anniversary patch came in which had the fix for non-ending god bubbles.)

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Hey @Darkzombie

We’re aware of an issue with shrines that makes them disappear due to loss of stability. Our team is working on that.
Thanks for your feedback and patience.

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Thanks for the update looking forward to a fix :+1:

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