Set Altar Just Vanished

Game mode: Online Server 3890
Problem: Bug?

Logged in last night and walked around the side of the base…no Set Altar. It was gone. It was sitting on the foundation courtyard that is completely attached to the main structure. I just used it the night before to make snake arrows.

I checked the Event Log, and it says “0 has decayed”. In addition the the highly descriptive term “0”, I lost the Set Arch Priest, arrows, antidote, and a couple of braziers I had started for another base. At least the log kindly explained that they had gone away in a loot bag.

Interestingly enough, another player from a different clan on our server lost his Set altar Sunday night in the same way. He logged in, ran outside the building, and no altar. His was also sitting on foundations attached to the base.

I have read multiple times about things disappearing from bases in conjunction with “fixes”, but this is the first time it’s happened when nothing was updated.

Keep in mind, we have 6-7 clans on our server that are friendly and discuss these issues. In our merry band, we’ve had: Set altars disappear. Players log in naked because they mysteriously died in their own rooms, losing all their stuff. A player’s roof suddenly losing stability while he was offline, and he logged in to an open air building. Blue screens my home base…every time I go home again.

These little glitches might seem fun, but that’s just at first glance. I’m to the point if it keeps happening, I have to wonder if it’s worth continuing. Before the big patch late last year, we didn’t have these issues in our games.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Play the game
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Hey there,

We have released a fix to alleviate this issue in a hotfix on PC (stability issues on server restart). It will be released on consoles soon. We apologize for the frustration these issues might cause :frowning:

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Make it quick, because reports of wrong decay timings and items vanishing are pooring in, I started to lose things as well out of the blue in old and consolidated bases.
It’s our time you are playing with guys, give max priority to the release of this hot fix on PS4 as well please.

Absolutely @Clowns

I have taken a lot of time to gather resources, thralls, pets, etc., not to mention the building time. If I lose something more than a replaceable altar (although Arch Priests don’t just show up all the time), I’ll be extremely displeased. We already have a player who rarely logs in, and will quit altogether if this garbage isn’t fixed soon. He won’t be the last.

The other player who lost his altar found a list of codes for the building section of the event log. It appears I have some rugs that are noted as abandoned, and will decay. Absolutely idiotic when you consider the rugs are all in bases that are most definitely NOT abandoned. How is it we are supposed to know which item is supposedly in trouble?

The game is getting less fun and more tedious.

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Did your Set altar vanish while upgrading from T2 to T3 by any chance ?
Because in this case is a known (and very irritating) problem, due to the fact that the set altar shift one foundation size from the back to the front during the T2-T3 upgrade and when there is no sufficent space in the front it simply removes itself.

Nope. It was T3 since Thanksgiving. It just vanished.

Just logged in to find this had happened to me as well. May I remind the good folks behind the game that the Set Archpriests are not easy to come by for some of us, and that having had a stable, enclosed room for my temple, completely stable, in a walled, secure base that I not only operate out of regularly, but go back to - and walk past said temple dozens of times a day - losing it is somewhat inexcusable.

507 Manifestation of Zeal up in smoke as well. That’s a lot of hours of work for one person.

Fixing bugs is all well and good, and we’ve tried to be very patient while bugs have been worked through, updates made, and tests done. But things breaking inexplicably that shouldn’t, and being given a ‘sorry, better luck next time’ doesn’t sit well in the feels and enjoyment department.

All my builds are maintained carefully, no matter how big or small. Things only decay if I intend them to decay, and dest because I’ve taken them down - not due to neglect. Please let us know if something more than a ‘sometime in the future you won’t have to worry about random disappearances for no understandable reason’ can be offered here. Thank you.


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