Set altar disappearance

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: [bug]
Region: [U.S.A]

[I have heard of Set altar disappearances before while doing final upgrade.I thought my report might help Funcom figure it out.I was doing the final upgrade on my altar,but it was talking forever so I thought I would find something else to do in the meantime.I encountered the glitch where you can’t swing down,so I removed my braclet to fix that.I was given the option to respawn in the desert or bedroll.I chose bedroll because it was near Sepermeru or what ever that thrall city is called.Upon returning from my adventure to my base,my Set altar vanished into thin air, along with all my stuff I was storing on it and I also should have had resources left over after upgrade,just all gone.]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.The staff has probably had other reports of Set altars disappearing doing final upgrade;maybe the staff can elaborate more on the disappearing Set altars.I am confused about it too.One way, listed above is how to lose your Set altar.

Bye the way I saw a post on the forums about someone losing a Set altar during final upgrade,he left the altar too,because it was taking an eternity too,but didn’t elaborate on what he did afterward.He only described finding gone when he came back.I have a suggestion,maybe its not a good idea to leave your Set altar while doing the final upgrade,at least if it still vanishes you get to watch it go and maybe it’s what people are doing afterwards leads to the disappearance.

Hello @Spacetime, thank you for reaching out!

What message did you get in your Event Log regarding the altar disappearance?

Didn’t think to check event log sorry.

Sorry Hugo not very tech savy here,hope no one ask for a screenshot or video.I have a tendency to forget I have one.

No problem @Spacetime, there should be no need for a video or screenshot in this particular situation.

Regarding the event log, here’s a good source of information regarding how to make the most out of it:

Whatever information you may find in the log regarding your altar’s disappearance will be helpful!

This has been a thing for AGES. I’ve lost more set temples to the vanishing act than I care to count. I’ve read that it can have something to do with collision if you have things too close to the altar because it enlarges upon upgrade, but I’ve lost them in the middle open spaces with four and more foundations space on all sides. I just don’t build set temples anymore.

Thanks i’ll have look see what it says.

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Thanks Hugo for the help.Here is what said,I can’t remember what wording it used do to my garbage memory,wait I remember 'Sanctum of Set owned by my clan lost stabability.'My nefew promised to play the game with me if bought him a copy,to co-op it with me.I created a clan so he could use my stuff.You don’t need to know the dumb clan name I chose do you?Hope that helps.

No need for the clan name, and thank you for sharing further details.

Did you build the temple on top of building foundations, or on top of the landscape/ground?

I built my altar on open ground.I built all my altars on open ground. During my first two upgrades it did allright,but I stayed till upgrade was finished.Maybe it’s just a mere coincidence and this other persons post had some simlarities to what happened to me.We were both doing the final upgrade.We both had got impatient of how long it was taking and left the scene while it in the process of upgrading,only find it gone when we came back.I explained what I did afterwards just in case there might a link to my altars disappearance.Hope that maybe helps solve the big mystery of disappearing set altars.

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