Altar of Set 3rd Tier Bug

Did you guys fix altar of set disappears when upgraded final tier. If not I’m leaving it at tier 2. Although the sky beacon is useful for base location. Tired of building it over and over.

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This time Frozen throne up north, just entering fighting 1st two giants. Kites then away from entrance, killed. But when I ran in , over where they were standing before kiting them out , I died falling through world message. Wasn’t in combat , just walik

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

I think you are mixing two things up here. Since I am PC-player and don´t know about the actual falling through world bug, i can only give you this link:

Concerning the altar-upgrade-problem: To my knowledge, if you build the altar on plain foundations, there shouldn´t be a problem. To me it only occurs if the temple has been built directly on the ground, but that´s on PC.

That totally makes no sense, disappears because someone built directly on ground instead of on a foundation. If that was the case everything would dissapear when upgraded. Just the set altar, everything else upgrades without disappearing. Although I might try building an altar on a foundation. Sounds like an extra stupid waste of time and materials, and if it glitches out again and loses everything again plus loss of all materials I’m gonna be extra pssed.

Hello @Worf.

This issue had multiple instances that have been fixed in previous patches.

This one will be addressed in the upcoming hotfix, that should be released very soon.
You may set yourself as server Admin through the in-game options to prevent it from occurring in your singleplayer sessions.

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