Set Snake is KIlled, but destroys everything within the inner bubble

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: US

You can launch a Set Snake outside of the outer bubble, then take the snake into the inner bubble and it is killed. The caveat is that anything in the inner bubble is destroyed.

Try it on test using a cave with one entrance and put the altar and random stuff in the bubble. You will have a ten second penalty while in the outer bubble. Strike right before entering the inner bubble, you will then notice the Set Snake is killed, but still destroys everything outside of the altar within the inner bubble.

The Set Snake is fast enough to make it to the inner bubble. The other gods do not have the speed to reproduce this bug. We have tried all of the gods, it is just Set. We were hit with a Set snake and could not understand how the other group was able to get past two god prot bubbles.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Build a base in a cave or ruin
  2. Put up god prot
  3. Launch a Set Snake outside of the outer bubble
  4. Run the snake through the outer bubble that causes a ten second tick penalty
  5. Right before hitting inner-bubble, attack
  6. Snake is killed, but everything within the bubble except the altar is destroyed.
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The solution is to put another bubble in front of the other and have the SECOND prot bubble free of stuff.

Funcom apparently is worried about DLC for a game that in its current state will be a ghost town unless things are fixed.

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