Settlers of the Exiled Lands [Modded RP Server, Mature, 2x XP, 2x Harvest, No Wipes, PvP Enabled, building damage disabled, No max clan size]n

Settlers of the exiled lands

is a roleplay orientated PvP server, set around the idea of building lasting settlements in the harsh unforgiving lands we find ourselves in. The server settings have been tweaked with authenticity and immersion in mind, so nights will be longer, resources will respawn slower, and death brings the loss of all that you have.

The server is still in early stages but there will soon be fully working merchants, a basic economy, multiple professions and scripted npcs.

While its still a work in progress, there is a keep located around godsclaw passage, with a number of useful npc merchants, a bank,a wide variety of crafting benches and much more. There will also be a new friendly npc settlement built somewhere around the centre of the map where basic shops and essentials can be found.

If anyone’s got any questions about the server please feel free to ask.

Direct connect: