Sever list empty 2019

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: All
Region: All

Hey there, no matter what I do the server list is always empty for me, I tried resetting all filters, turning off Windows 10 firewall, removing old Conan exiles rules, updating the system, rebooting, checking game integrity and also reinstalled it and not seems to work. I tried to use procmon to check what was happening but BattleEye won’t let me do it :D.
There are no steps to reproduce it, the only thing strange that happened was a crash and after that, I could not see the servers anymore, because of the crash the first thing I tried was the integrity check.
If I get any of the official servers’ IP and try to connect directly it says that my Unique ID not valid, and it does not matter in which server I try it.
Any Idea what to do?

Did you try desinstall Battle-eyes to see ? I would test that.

Then, are you behind a proxy ? Did you try ping the servers you wanted join ?

More precision when at your machine, server, place, and so on. Still usefull to figure out.

I tried uninstalling and installing again, no proxy, no servers on the list but the ones I tried to connect ping was successful.
The latest one I tried was this #1095 PvP - g-portal

Sure, i understand how irritating and frustrating this may be. But there are various post about connection problems in the forum. You should check them, and try out the different tricks that was successful with other players.

Also check all what you have as software running able to stop a correct connection, or make that the servers can’t show up, such as firewall, anti-virus, anti-spy, anti-things at the whole and also some other software we don’t still suspect.

Then what does is give if you try direct connect with an IP to a server, best an non official without battle-eye for first triral, and a nearby one, not on the other side of the world for you.

I tried all possibilities I could find on the forum and google, none of them worked, now I am waiting for the new patch to get applied and tried it again.

Hey @jaysonsantos

It might seem that your game is not correctly connecting to Steam, which can often be caused when something else is grabbing the Steam API. Do you have another game or a dedicated server running at the same time?

Check your windows defender (special if you are using default windows Virus & threat protection settings )

No, I tried also only having conan exiles and steam on a fresh start and it also does not work.

I also tried disabling real-time protection but it also didn’t work

We’ve had a few instances of this issue in the past for some users. Do you have any mods installed? If so, could you try uninstalling them, then checking the integrity of your game files and try to connect to a server with no mods installed?

Actually, I have never had any mod installed and I already did the integrity check and uninstall.
This weekend, I managed to connect to the server and play a bit and then after a while, I disconnected and after a few hours, I tried to connect again without success.
It does not seem to be related to steam at all, I manage to log on all online games I have except Conan exiles.

This is quite a weird issue. Just to rule out possibilities, could you try to delete your saved config folder and see if the game wants to connect?

Just a try to help.
I only have this issue if i run a programm which is using Unreal Engine too (even UE1, 2 or 3) in the background. Maybe check that there is nothing run in the background which can cause this issue.

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I have heard about problems in some countries that Internet provider could block or lose any packets of Internet traffic. Try calling them to diagnose your connection.

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