Several crash and freeze issues

i have been experiencing game freezes in the menus in the following circumstances

in the inventory menu when selecting helmets
in the mutations menu during the upgrade animation
in the squad menu when trying to change characters
in the zone map menu, when scrolling for a extended time

as a side note, the game doesn’t freezes at all while using the menus in the Ark, and during gameplay the game didn’t froze in the following locations
Cave of Fear
House of Bones
Izza and Fala

also the game crashes frequently when using Selma’s Tree Hugger ability

PC v1.07 version
GOG version
Windows 7 64-bit
AMD FX-6100
GTX 1050Ti 4GB

Hello @Drakkar, thank you for your submissions!

We’ve forwarded this information to the developer, please don’t hesitate to let us know if you come across any further issues.

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