Severe Thrall Bug since patch

Game mode: PVP server 2877
Problem: Thralls not attacking
Region: US

Having an issue since the last patch of my thralls needing to always be 2 feet away from me. During any fight if i move at all the thrall will put its weapon away and walk right next to me.

If i am standing completely still it will take its weapon out, maybe swing once, then put its weapon away and will stand there. I have the behavior setting on “attack everything” with a 50 meter limit. I have also tried the “attack” command, as well as standing guard with aggressive behavior settings and get similar results.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Get into any fight

Just for clarification, the behavior settings are only for guarding thralls, not following thralls. You can not change the behavior of following thralls, apart from using the commands.

Not to disregard the rest of the bug.

Hello @SCAR3CR0WDAN, this issue has been fixed on the PC hotfix, which should land on the consoles soon.

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