Thrall behavior is horrendously bugged

Basic Info:

Platform: Xbox Series X
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvP
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: 2575

Bug Description:

Thralls stop following and get stuck on lots of things.

Bug Reproduction:

I have 340 days in this game and the thrall AI is getting worse. Just playing generally and they get stuck, refuse to follow, refuse to fight, ignore enemies… the list is long


Confirmed for PC as well.

Most egregious is trying to get a thrall to retreat from combat. They just won’t. I have lost many, many thralls because, at half health, I decided it was time to go, and they refused to follow, move, return, etc.

Several times, running away while spamming the Return command had zero effect.

But, by far, my favorite is watching a thrall put away their weapon and resort to punching while in a group combat. Until you specifically tell them to attack their normal response is to punch the group of 3-5 NPCs rather than pull out their weapon and do something.

Yes, it doesn’t seem to work.
The only thing that works for me is my own quick running. After some time, the slave runs or teleports after me and is pulled out of the fight.

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Confirmed for all, xbox series x.

They are also ignoring combat settings and chasing enemies to their death. Like my archers who left the wall to charge into a purge camp.

I’ve had much better luck making sure their follow distance is as short as I can tolerate, their chase distance is set to the lowest it can go, and spamming “Move” in front of me as I book it. Haven’t lost a thrall due to refusal to retreat in a long while.

That being said, their behavior still feels off and I feel like I’ve done more of a workaround than anything.

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Thralls are absolute trash and i agree with everyone that they have been getting worse with each update. I’ve never heavily relied upon thralls because they have always had issues. They dont follow well, never have retreated well, and sometimes just stand there and do nothing despite being on attack all. I definitely dont use them in pvp as they are just a loot sack for other players who will definitely try to kill them first since so easy. All they seem to be good for is leveling up, trying on various otherwise useless armor sets, and standing around your base with emotes on.

So lyesterday they were comp,Evelyn useless for hours… comically broken. Then later, they were behaving perfectly! WTF. The server was still full… not sure what could be causing this…

That is a good tactic to combat the current thrall AI lunacy.

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