Thralls are completely useless now

Ever since this new patch I’ve been having nothing but issues with thrall interaction, I have done a lot of testing on different behavior settings and whatnot and I cannot get my thralls to reliably aggro things. I would say a solid 60% of the time the thrall goes up to something pulls out it’s weapon and just stands there and gets attacked. The odd time it’ll go up and actually attack it’ll maybe swing for a full combo then just sit there and the enemy will then aggro to me. I have it set to prioritize melee, attack all enemys and range is set to high. I really don’t know if all this extra interface was needed all we really needed was the tap E to move your follower when you get stuck inside it… behavior just made an already janky AI even worse.


This pretty much sums up my experience too. Thralls keep getting stuck on stuff during battle and just not attacking.


Some time ago, a number of patches in the past as I recall it, the developers made an update for performance and I recall they mentioned AI. What I suspect they did is alter how often AI routines run to improve server performance. I notice on busy servers monsters and NPCs stand around and are much slower to activate. I take heart from the development team’s talks that show their desire to work on it and improve it.

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How I activate thralls, I first dial the settings before giving them commands. This is how it works for me:

  1. Set ‘Prioritize Melee’
  2. Set ‘Chase Distance’ to maximum
  3. Set ‘Attack Distance’ to maximum
  4. Set ‘Protect Me’

Then it works and I can command thralls to kill any npc. I’ve been leveling up my thralls and never used my weapon. Just point at the npc and use the ‘B’-key (as I set to ‘Attack’) and let them rip. I’ve set the ‘H’-key to get my thralls to ‘Return to me’. You can set the key’s function in the settings. Why FC has set the use-key (‘E’) regardless to attack I don’t know.


Yes spec if its several mobs to atack, and spec if its terain that interfer to.

And that you no nomger se the HP bar on the folower so it makes it hard to keep track if you need to fall back and heal. Bean losing several thralls on that,

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Yes but then it pull Everything around you insted and you get swamped. and have no controle on what the trall do.

Well the first days i was feeling the same way. Still now my only problem with thralls is that sometimes they stack and they cannot follow my orders. When this happens i go back and see what is the reason so i can help it to move. Most of the times they stack on rock piles and they cannot move until you break the stones. About the command system now all i can say is that it is fantastic. All you have to do is learn how to use the quick commands, they are very handy when you realize that your thrall is ready to kill an npc that you need. Now about the settings i will have to disagree that it is a pattern. Every situation need different orders, forget the old follower system, now you need to command your thrall almost all the time. Play, learn, enjoy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

Not really. I’ve control over what npc’s the thrall attacks. If you set to ‘Attack All’, that draws in every npc. Set to ‘Guard Me’ (I misspoke when I said ‘Protect Me’ in my previous post), and it should work.

The problem with health; I always give them very good armor. Minimum Cimmerian Steel (Heavy) with 960 armor-protection. I usually never get lower than T4-thralls as I see them as useless for late-game content. I focus on named thralls like Lian, Janos, Cimmerian Berserker, Dalinisia and other named thralls. And, of course, legendary weapons, and last but not least, some stacks of gruel.

Training my thralls at the Temple of Frost can easily level them pretty quick, and even at the lowest level, they can defeat Hrungnir, a 3-skull boss.

Here I have hands on my hips, while my thrall beats Hrungnir:

Yeah, I’ve tried everything. The thralls are obviously broken. Sometimes they work, a lot of times they don’t. They will run over to the enemy and then stand there, or just run back to me. They might not do anything or they might take a couple of swings, then stop or run back to me. Also, the health bars for thralls are broken. Used to be, you could see your thrall’s health whenever he was aggro’d. Now the healthbar rarely show at all. We need a thrall fix. they were more reliable before the update.

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Uhmm, yes. The commands does not always respond, but I think it’s because the thralls behavior isn’t initiated. When they first starts to follow commands, they seldom fails. At most they lag behind when you sprint and you have to wait for them to catch up to you. Sometimes I have to sprint some distance away and they still will be ‘stuck’. I usually use the ‘Return’-command, open the map, climb on something to make them teleport to me. The latter seems to be a workaround. When you change your position from one level of ground to another, they teleport. I use this trick if they lag behind.

As for the rest, I have set both ‘Attack Distance’ and ‘Chase Distance’ to maximum. Before I did, they would never engage enemies, or run to enemies and return like you described.

The health-bar disappeared for me, and I no longer see it at all. Just the health-bar for the enemy npc.

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