Thrall not committing to combat

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: ps4 official pve server 3729

I’ve been having an issue lately after commanding my thrall to move by pressing square they will no longer engage in combat. They’ll pull out their weapon and raise it up but will not commit to the combat. I have thralls behavior set to attack. I did find that making them stand guard and then have them follow me again fixes this issue sometimes. If you guys could look into this I’d appreciate it. Thanks in advance.:+1:

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Press square to order thrall to move
  2. Get attacked or attack enemy
  3. Observe thrall not engaging in combat
  4. Place thrall to stand guard
  5. Have thrall follow you
  6. Return to combat

What is your attack distance set to?

I can’t remember, I’ll have to check this afternoon. But I can definitely tell its a bug. My thrall kinda does this little twitch thing that I can’t explain lol its something you’d just have to see for yourself


Hello @JEMsTV, could you please provide us with the thrall’s current engagement settings?

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Just go to Unnamed city, and try to engage red mother or any skellos, that is not even based on settings, for me they random take sword , then put it away, and goes in circle - sword out, away, out , away… on all settings of engagement… Either attack to all, either deffend me… Its more about where the battle begins, i noticed it happens in Asagard too sometime when u are iside homes or like in Ucitty, when u are in red momma den ( ground level lower than normal ) or Brute location - where terrain has shapes… On normal ground all is good…


Happens the same to me without touching any engagement options

I’ve reported the exact same thing several days ago but got no reply… what gives?

As for that question: I’ve tested it with every setting possible, in every combination.

Seeing as so there’s a Funcom reply here, I shall just paste my thread here:

And to add more…

Yesterday I went from the savannah at A10, downwards to the bottom of Set city. Not even three engagements in the savannah and the issue popped up… to which I carried on to Set city. I engaged every enemy from there on as I went through the Unnamed City; whilst ignoring bosses. I carried on to Shattered Bridge, but now I was just attacking the odd enemy or two as I went along the bottom portion of the map unti I reached Sandswept Ruins.

Not once during all of this did my thrall get “fixed” and it wasn’t until I went AFK in the Sandswept Ruins and went out, to kill a Sand Beast, did the Thrall “fix” itself and return to normal - which after killing a White Tiger, soon reverted back to the stupid behaviour.

It seems this once a day maybe issue (and even when it popped up - however much it popped up - it would fix itself way faster than what it is now… if it even decides to fix no…) has become daily and constant throughout the day. It also seems to have become this way since the patch the other day for the servers.


The Red Mother is the worst area this happens. Thrall gets stuck in the ground literally everywhere now. But this happens all the time now. If Anybody has to ask what the settings are, then they don’t play the game. It happens all the time.

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Hey I’m just trying to help, I wouldn’t be here if I didnt play the game, they updated the thrall system so I’m looking for a solution as to why, we didnt have any details as far what is being said about locations and so on. New to me never happens been playing for a year.

It is set to attack all enemies and attack distance is set to 15 meters, also tactics is set to prioritize melee

So you’re telling me your thralls never get stuck, and never just stop attacking? It’s been happening to everybody I play with since the follower 2 update.

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How the hell u even get to attack that momma before she falls out of textures? I cant even reach her before she falls in void -.-

Nope not even after the update, I understand it’s a glitch but not everybody experiences the same problems, Now I’m froze everytime I log in and occasionally fall thru a floor but not the thrall problem

i honestly haven’t had this problem in a long time, but to be fare i wasn’t trying to take advantage of the double harvesting either.

Hey @Hugo The thralls have had this issue since the May 7 update. My settings are: guard me; attack distance - 5m; chase distance - 5m; prioritize melee. Quite often the follower won’t engage in a single enemy conflict. Lately, if you have multiple enemy combatants the thrall will only engage if you have dwindled down group to 1 left, or you position yourself so that an enemy hits your thrall. Another issue that seems to be happening quite often recently is your follower will get stuck under the terrain. You have to ghost so that you can go under the environment (to bottom where water is) select stand guard, rise up through the layers and place them on the ground. The location where thralls have these issues: Everywhere. I play solo-offline on the PS4 platform.

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