Shadebloom... Where are they now?

Noticed that after the last update I hadn’t find no more shade bloom. Someone can tell me where I can find some? Before the patch I was able to farm it from 1 skulled monsters, beasts mostly.

Have you tried the Jhebal Sag grove yet, I think I got 68 shadebloom from the bosses in one run (carefull, they are World Bosses).

Midnight Grove, talk to the Werehyena just West of the Den, bring 5 feral flesh, buy and drink potion to enter grove. Enjoy an awesome dungeon.

Yes I know about that dungeon. But any notice on shade bloom dropping from 1 skulled beasts around the map?

Confirmed also by me. I killed at least 50 corrupted/demon beasts. No shadebloom. Mostly dropped were respec potions, once or twice steelf fire and/or sulfur.

Not for several patches no. I use farm Crocs and Shellback blue eyes along river, and net myself 2-6 a run.

Havnt seen them in months… which is a shame, since Dungeon is abit of pain in ■■■… and makes leveling 99% of your army feel semi-pointless with out them.

I’ve noticed this on the last patch too. And while we’re on this subject the potion to enter there lasts such a short time, I would like to see the decay time at least changed to a minute so that it can be stored and consumed at a later time rather than being completely out of luck if you don’t drink it instantly.

You can put the potion into a follower inventory, remove at your base, then put in cold storage.

In the jungle the boss birds drop some, that’s where I farming it. Just run around where the monkey people are.

You can also kill 1 skull lion bosses, they have a chance to drop shadebloom, demon blood, advanced weapon repair kits and other goodies.

Not seen any bloom since the patch at today. I’ve killed at least 50 skulled beasts

how do you harvesting the boss? and with what?

I’ve killed six corrupted animals (three rocknoses, two shalebacks, one crocodile) in the past three days and harvested shadebloom out of one of them. Unfortunately I don’t remember which one it was, but it’s still there.

Harvesting tool may have an effect on which resources we get. I think I used a pick or axe on all of them because those were on my hotbar and I couldn’t bother finding my skinning knife in my inventory full of random, potentially-useful-once-in-a-lifetime, junk.

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I always used the axe in the past, and I continue using now. But after the patch no bloom appears.
I tried sometime with all the other tool, but nothing.
I collected near 6K demons blood, dropped a lot of alchemist base, potions, steelfire, but no blooms.

The shaleback that is almost black drops shadebloom. I have never harvested shadebloom from the lighter one.

Before patch (few ago actually) I had all of them drop it. (didnt matter tool)

I havnt had chance to try Boss Birds, I havnt seen it drop in months. =/

I’ve been using admin panel to give myself 3-6 everytime I kill a blue eye just to counter it.

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I have a few stacks of them, have not needed to use them.

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