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This is outstanding!

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These are amazing! What building pieces did you use to make the bridge in your first two screenshots?

I got my first peasant shack up. Kind of basic, but I might put in some shelves later.

btw does anyone know of some good clothing mods? Medieval peasant clothes/gowns/etc are better for me but I’m not picky.



Helps when i need to figure out resource cost, hp defense as well.

Those may serve as a timeline of my time (up until now) in conan exiles.
Though it seems I… lost? a few screenshots? Maybe I just forgot to take them… :thinking:
Even though a lot of them look rough (sandstone or not completely finished), maybe one or two of them are okayish. :joy:

Here is my very first solo-on-official-pve base.

None of them showing how that base looked in the end… :confused:

There are no screens of my “shippy outpost” left, maybe I never took them. But here is the second outpost I did back then, at night though…

… Needless to say: Both bases only had one of each crafting station, as I never felt a need for more…

Big leap forwards, as my mainbase prior to full launch looked neat (to me) on the inside, but if I now look at it, it seems clunky and almost ugly from the outside… Not really worth to share.
The pve-c base prior to the server having been converted to pvp due to gportal having run out of stock and players having been clashing on the browser…

After pve-c “revival” (new servers):

…plus the outpost in the swungle. ~Wee… (Using the hatch to fly.)

But I constantly grew more and more tired of pve… (Even though it was pve-c, no conflicts happened there…)
So we started on pvp… But I couldnt get rid of my own way to build stuff…
Though my good screens went missing… :frowning:
Only got one with bad quality due to rendering distance. Stuff just didnt get properly loaded…
Thing is, with pvp servers, one is better off only decorating rooms, not building a nice base… :confused:

After the old server died, we moved to the next, which soon after that proved to have been dying too, so we yet again looked for a server… And found one.
After a first, easy to raid base, we built a new one. Since people were agressive and using certain… methods… we wanted to ensure that we would be safe. So it was a good old pillar base.
The actual gem (from my point of view) was both the ghosts inside plus the fact that we fit a complete crafting section with sufficient number of stations (multiple smelters, two of both capenters, artisians, smiths, armorers, three tanners, I think 6 alchemists and so on) in a single 7x7x2 room.
Rest could have been decorated as we wanted…

We were 4 people then, originally 2x2 people, but banded together thinking we could become stronger - only to grow bored of the vanilla game. :roll_eyes:
I was one to dislike to rely on mods for the gaming experience…
Didnt want to give them a try due to them possibly not being supported anymore and similar stuff.
Anyway. We went for age of calamitous. The first impression? What. The. ****! We were like bombarded with new stuff to do and grind. It was a RP-PvP as there seemed to be non pvp server with that specific mod and in german… So we were limited to these. Anyway. Due to me not having thought about stuff like safety and stuff, we basically wasted two weeks. And when we wanted to move to some other area, we had different thoughts about stuff which ultimately ended in us splitting up.
I dont really get why, but we moved into the admins clan and started to build up there… only to move soon after that, as the leader of them wanted to build elsewhere… :sweat_smile:
So we started anew. Yet again.
After we rebuilt a few times, in the end it looked like this:

(Yep, the castle is basically the dragon castle thingy from youtube. The arena was built by the mate I was playing all these months and upgraded by someone else. And yes, I had gained adminrights on that server in the meantime, which then explains why I am flying. Originally for helping with building NPC villages but…)

I especially enjoyed creating the small hut which originally was meant to become my personal house, but that idea got discarded at some point.

Of course a lil hideout was needed - since I do prefer a cozy, warm place.

Yes I like trees and stuff. This is “Atos”, rebuilt and stocked up with quests, though I heard that I did an error in one quest. I bet there is some link missing… :sweat_smile:

The rabbits in that village were interesting though. They were dropping gems since for whatever damned reason, the jewelry traders didnt properly store their goods and some rabbits happened to eat them.
… Yes. Silly. I know… But hey! At least something…
That locations got unfinished whores (only blushing when sitting at their “mushi”…:rofl:), a nude dancer who sends the player to get her a zamorian dancer outfit, a weaver with an apprentice and obviously a governour was needed too…

Tried to build something alike a casino near the market and lost my head trying to manually do a very much simplified black jack thespian using the more or less new locvar operations. It worked out in the end, but my head got blown away in the process. (And still had an error in linking, fixed that in the meantime though.) :joy:

After a long journey, we ended up on yet another server, this time a full RP server, because of finally following the guys who left me and my original mate on the other server.

Time will show wether RP is something for me - I am not too positive to be honest…

Anyway that’s it!
This is at least part of what I built until now. I do know that all of this is worlds apart of what some talented people are capable of and I havent taken screens of each room I decorated… I usually drown in ideas and never really manage to properly finish one… Or forget to take a screenshot of the finished thing. :thinking: :persevere:


That’s amazing! It looks like an UFO :grin: In that last picture the only thing missing is the light from the typical transport beam :smiley:

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I absolutely love those planters - is that from a mod or did you just place the wooden shelves along the edges using LBPR?

The last ones are from Calamitous, though I dont know in how many other mods they are too.
First ones with hops are vanilla though.

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Well here is our clan’s main base for now, my humble little starter house, and the big building I built right next to it, the Tavern to the Runaway Hyena. It’s name comes from me and my girlfriend not knowing that thralls and pets return to the last guarded area after you log off if they were following you. Her pet hyena alwas came back to it’s entrance foundation spot to chill and that’s the origin of it’s name :slight_smile:

Here’s our little little mascot hyena right near the entrance stairs (Sadly, the originaly ‘runaway hyena’ is no longer with us, rest in peace Yeehongu).

A few welcoming signs at the entrance and our bouncer.

This is the current interior with some nice ladies for entertainment :slight_smile:

And the kitchen

It also has a little terrace on the first floor.

Unfortunately the 2 regular rooms and the two-floor tower room on the second floor of the tavern are not furnished yet, but if there’s interest I can post them at a later date once finished.


Aye, official server 1036, no mods :P. Glad you liked it!

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It was some time from last time i posted here, so i have some new buildings at my base, and i’ve improved existing ones.

I finally made an entrance to my base ^^ (haha)

Also i use some flowers and bushes to make my base more lively

Main temple of Derketo (i like it more at night)

Altar itself

Altar of Set

Temple pools now look more pleasant

The biggest addition was a dining hall/tavern. Door on the right leads to pet pens

Other side of the hall and Yumir altar


Lotus garden is on the roof (also some teaser of my witch tower^^)

And the view from the highest point

I really like all the opportunities CE gives us for building. I’m playing on official PVE server.


That must have taken forever to build. :exploding_head::grinning:

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Not a shelter. But…the Elkking’s Tavern! Horns make everything better. :grin::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@Kumiko I have long been a vocal proponent of Armour Display Mannequins/Racks. It looks and sounds like you are essentially using just that. Im wondering, would you mind terribly sharing some details of this mod, and some close up pics of your mannequins?

Very interesting. Thanks for the information @Kumiko. I primarily just wanted a bit of information on how technically difficult their implementation would or would not be. I know Armour Display Mannequins/Racks are one of the single most freaquently requested items to date, and Funcom said they would explore the prospect of implementing them. I think I may give them a polite nudge soon, and ask where we currently stand on this issue. Thanks again for the information. Oh and sorry to have gone off topic there; I really like your Arachnid Arena.

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It’s still on our suggestion list and very high up (the mannequins).
Right now we do have other focuses, though. It’s not forgotten!


Im sure I speak for quite a lot of players when I say: Cool!! Thankyou very much for the reply Tascha. Thats ok, given some of the current challenges I completely understand. We really appreciate the update.

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Cool, and any plan for windows in window frame, and maybe larger window frame ?

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Once we have more room to breath development wise there is no reason to not at least look at additional building pieces. Unfortunately I can’t make any promises in any way but I can mention that we collected a lot of input over the past few months in regards to building additions.