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Just need to now fill the ship now with thralls equipped in black hand gear, eye patches and peg legs all round.

Do the black hand banners work well on the ship?


Looks very interesting. What is the siz e of your circular base? Where did you build it? I am trying to recognize the area but can’t quite get it.

Hey @SirCharlesEdward, sorry for the late response… I went to sleep :slight_smile:

The area is around this point in the map (see pic “Location Map” below), it’s placed in a cliff overlooking the Sailstitch Camp, just beside a Giant Spider boss (that I didn’t see at all when I started.)

I chose that area because it’s near the black ship and also has quick access to the swamp (which I still have to visit.)

It overhangs a gap between two cliffs (that “bridge” you see is built over that gap) that gives pass to the back area of the river and easy access to the north east part of the swamp.

Location Map

As for the size of the circular area, I used this (image “Circular Base” below) as base and expanded side areas from there.

Circular Base

Best regards :slight_smile:

Thanks for letting me know, the circular building is the same design that I used when I did a LOT of base buildings as circular. After all the Wheel of Pain is circular and I want to enclose it efficiently if possible. I also wanted to enclose the map room in a circular building, however the size of that monstrosity makes the structural integrity a nightmare. In fact in my current game I had the Map Room enclosed in a 9 x 9 by two high square building. The four ceiling tiles in the very CENTER of that 9 x 9 showed a structural integrity of only 20 so I could NOT add the final center piece of ceiling without adding five angular support beams all along the walls. It held for a good number of game days and suddenly, yesterday when I adjusted my weapons racks I logged out and logged back in to get them working again and when I got in game I heard the awful collapse noise and found the exact center tile was gone, had lost all support. This caused my entir roofing design to literal collapse. In order to fix it, I had to add two pillars on either side of the map room to make the four tiles surrounding the exact middle tile all to have a 40 structural integrity in order to fit that last tile. and I had to have several walls in the unseen attic to fix my roof. It was bad but it finally was fixed.

Here is the way the map room looks now:

Note the two pillars on opposite sides of that room, plus I added the angled supports all around the room except where the pillars eon’t allow the angled support beams to be put behing them.


This is my thrall breaking facility outside of sepermeru. Started with a little hut and it kind of expanded from there.


Very Cool…I can imagine the small start and then you keep wanting to add things. You can break 24 thralls at once or is it five per Greater Wheel of Pain? I alwasys want to enclose my ONE Wheel of Pain, because it is WAY difficult to enclose and cover that Greater Wheel of Pain.

My apartment is over the swimming pool at my base.


Custom made arena “DeathMark Arena”
Blue and Red Teams - Left and Right
Arena Floor has obstacles and viewing areas with safe zones.
!Conan Battlegrounds - Private Community Server.


Theft & Decay resistant fishery.


This is what my clan is building on Official PVE-C 1942 and nearing completion


Crow137; Very, very nice…Looking good, makes me want to visit your server.


This is single player PS4 with admin (obviously)



Greyfox: MASSIVE castle…must have taken awhile to build. Is that a altar / temple to the left of Ymir altar? I don’t recognize it. Or is that a custom made and where are your crafting areas / thralls if you have any.

Funcom put a mountain on top of my base :slight_smile:


looks very close to The Temple of Doom. :wink:


My personal crowning achievement in building so far :slight_smile: biggest build project I’ve personally had going, with some help from clan mates (mostly, if not exclusively, for the crafting hall though), but otherwise made by me… So far, i view it as completed :slight_smile:

Sorry for the bad angles, there isn’t really a good spot to get an actual full view of the base nearby ^^


Epic build!! Should stick 2 fire braziers infront of your throne, 1 either side to make your throne worthy of that build :grinning:

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Yes there are 5 alters in the castle. I think the one you’re referring to is for miltra. I can’t remember the name exactly. Haven’t added thralls yet because I think they’ve caused my game to crash on my last 2 builds.

Yeah I’ve been trying to come up with something

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