Share your Shelter

NOT my shelter, found this on an official server.
So much for immersion.

“Make Aquilonia Great Again”?


I was thinking “Make Angry Gamers Angrier”…

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Latest build using Argossean architecture.


The Witch Queens Palace, a player built dungeon on the Isle of Siptah. Made with the Lemurian Architect mod, this will be a combo of the Witch Queens Palace and the Jhebbal Sag dungeon… once I get all the mobs sorted out.


Bloody hell, i may have to reconsider using mods, cause that looks amazing.


In one of my saves I play like a stone age tribe, once we settled down in a village with enough people we started building our first religious structures, starting with a little Stonehenge-like temple area :slight_smile:

One of the mods I use has these placeable rocks and boulders and with a few little tricks (hidden pillars inside them) they are stackable :slight_smile:
Now I wish I could find out a way to add cave paintings to the stones, that would make it look really nice.


Minha nova Base,


it’s a little janky but for a concept test I would say it’s a decent attempt at a water wheel.


Definitely, creativity always pays of in the end :wink:

There is a trick you can do inside the house to make the ceilings and walls 3 while still centered in the middle, it is hard… but it is possible:

  • Pillar offsetting to middle with stairs (place foundation, stairs and attach a pillar to the end top of the stairs, the pillar will be placed half on the next foundation/ceiling).
  • Lowering foundations several times using fence foundations (use the lower snap point of a fence foundations, 3-4 times will be in the middle of a wall/foundation height).

I will make some screenshot tutorials soon when I have the time to make them :’)

Pippi wallpapers? For the cave paintings? You should be able to attach them to those rocks

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Oh that’s a great idea, I haven’t thought about that!