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Then you should avoid this link at any cost :slight_smile:
Lyumi Light - YouTube


“To all those who have lost their lives in defense of great Aquilonia, we commit your memory here, so that your sacrifice will be remembered by all.”

Playing around with a few ideas today, ended up with a sort of tomb of the unknown soldier :grinning:


Aw that looks beautiful! :smiley:

That’s awesome! What are the corner pieces on the outside on the roof?

Do you mean the eagles? They’re statues from the Aquilonian dlc.

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Is that done with LBPR or some other mod? If not, you really need to make a tutorial explaining how you placed all of that stuff :heart:

LBPR was used to build this one.

It is possible to construct a variant for officials/non-modded servers, but it’s a little convoluted and unfortunately has to sacrifice some aesthetics due to the limitations imposed.

I can send you a short (once made…) tutorial if you want.

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If you end up making one, I would be very interested. I might be able to place those pillars like that, but I can’t figure out how you made the roof corners slightly sunken compared to the roof ramps. If that’s not LBPR, I’d love to learn that trick :smiley:

My First Post Here… A few pictures of the Lords Alliance Mounds Garrison, and future site of the Mounds Trading Post (Public PvP)

Only 15x10 squares interior. I prefer everything within reach.

Horses frugal accommodation

Space saver