Share your Shelter

I rebuild my latest castle, new interiors too and some other stuff I’ve been working on:


Exterior front

New entrance

Tower inner to the second level

Upper level, towers connect to the upper level

Bedroom hallway is slightly deeper now and looks more refined

New bedrooms

Bar area/ kitchen

The grand dining room, there 2 of these

Lowest level, the cellar

Other buildings and interiors for this project:

Marketplace, all posts show different products and materials

The academy lower interior

Tavern interior kitchen

Tavern interior dining area

Everything furnished is not definitive though.
Everything is done without mods.

I always try to build as compact as possible.
Have any tips for me let me know!

Might share the building exteriors later… they’re the same style as the castle :slight_smile:


By Ymirs frozen sacks, i love that build. Well done indeed.


Amazing build! Really excellent!

Thank you. It is just the latest variation of my favourite building pattern. I perfectionizificate it since two years now lol.


…I hope you get Purged… lol
That is Amazing! I do not even want to know how long that took. Do you get any lag with that base? And do you design as you build or do, like some builders, sketch it out and then build. Lovely. Thanks for posting this.

T1 T2 T3
Tileable, mirrorable, foldable smeltery.


Ok this is singleplayer. Also this is not something i´d grind anymore lol (I did a lot earlier). The first base is located to get berserker/beasttamer/relic hunter purges and is well defended, i farmed an army of volcano fighters and relic hunters for that purpose. The other is just a build that evolved over time from many experiments. I am really into the round building stuff.



That looks amazing :smiley:

Are those caryatid pillars at the entrance? From a mod? Or did you place statues to make to look like that (so no actual building pieces)? I love that a lot!
(I also see Apollo Belvedere in the gable, I really wanna know the name of that mod please! :smiley:)

Its a mod yes, one I made myself!


Thank you very much, this is awesome!

I wish FC would increase building health again so that we can see cool builds like this on PvP servers.

We made Solitude for our first Siptah try server.


Awesome! Looks convincing

Stone Keep

(Lore building) Lore I am working on for the server, stone keep is the work of human masionary utilizing dwarven aid, metals and stone from the underground in the time it was built. That is the theme.

Screenshot (94)


Quite the eclectic build! Took me a minute to really take in it’s design (it’s the sandstone) but that is really impressive and unique.

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I think the greatest thing about this game is the ability of creativity in graphics for a low level of the mechanical understanding to be accomplish in such ease and a way shorter time frame.
Screenshot (115)

Screenshot (100)

gapping mouth openings on the keep was by design for balusters. The mechanics being the graphics creation/engine ability to do mundane work.

(Lore building) Lore I am working on for the server, stone keep is the work of human masionary utilizing dwarven aid, metals and stone from the underground in the time it was built. That is the theme.


So - I assume that using walls and fences to raise adjacent foundation pieces 1/4 of their height being common knowledge - did people know that fence foundations follow this method but in increments of 1/8th? Do single-layer rooms feel too claustrophobic with the camera? Slap a ring of this around the base and it gives your camera just enough breathing room.

Also - it’s low enough that you can just walk right over it (well, from the inside).

EDIT: more mucking about. this time with foundation pieces encased in fence foundations and a ceiling tile place inside. My mind reels at the possibilities.

EDIT 2: I’m already starting to think on ways to revise it - like see if I can remove the ceiling tile and make a foundation line up with the fence foundation so there’s better transference of stability to the pillar.


Castle is live now on Siptah 6011
Still working on the rest, the castle alone was 25k bricks already haha


I have many follow-up questions and do not want to derail. Would you consider starting a thread devoted to “Fence Foundies and their responsible, legal use?” This comes from a position of high impressedness, in a thread where so many glorious builds are just blowing me away. I love what I see! :purple_heart:

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