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I want to make a few tests first with LBPR turned off to make doubly sure it’s all on the up-and-up. There’s a sort of shrine platform I made last night that I don’t have any screens of yet that I know wouldn’t be possible because I had to overlap some stairs.


There’s definitely some limitations when not using LBPR, but ‘vanilla’ building does often have workarounds to achieve the same result, if not quite as aesthetically pleasing.

So inspiring to see all these builds, you’re all incredibly talented! Wish I could be more creative and think outside of the box, unfortunately I’m more of a decorator/designer than a builder, I love building structures, but just can’t come up with such creative designs as these ones!

The previously mentioned shrine platform, though this is the stairway leading down to the water behind the shrine. Still all in sandstone (eventually it’ll be turanian) as even in SP using the admin console is anathema to me.

EDIT: This is why I disable the purge in my game. I’m just shy of lvl 19 and I only just now put down some of my workbenches. I’d be getting raided by hyenas if I didn’t. I haven’t even gone out and gotten any iron yet, lol.

more edits so I don’t keep making new posts:

The shrine looks a bit more solid now with it upgraded and starting to replace a few bits with stonebrick.

A shot of my forge and ‘new employee orientation’ area. I always try to put the wheels by water. I may be enslaving them, but I’m not so much of a monster that they can’t have nice views.


Current work in progress, no interior pics, needs a bit of work still :smiley:


Nice. I always want to use the arched pieces that the arena set has but a lot of times the fact that they’re tied to t3 building sets means that between my attention span and tendency to restart SP saves I don’t get to fully utilize all those DLC packs I bought, lol.

I love it

After giving Mek-Kamoses a visit, I figured I’d start erecting a temple to Set in opposition to that one Mitraen spot near the arena. I’m finding that in order to use the smaller step adjusted foundations to walk up to other levels, you need to sort of think about how you’ll be placing them about 3-4 steps in advance.

I may at some point just make a circle with each piece risen gradually just to see what it looks like.

EDIT: I violated my ‘no admin’ stricture because I got impatient and wanted to see what it’d look like with the argossean pillars. The geography conspired against my initial plans for a fearful symmetry, though. The doric columns are nice, certainly… but cough stygian building sets plz cough. Sorry, had something in my throat.


Wiped my SP exiled lands game because I broke my personal ‘no admin building’ rule and rendered it forfeit. Same spot but different stuff. I have a tendency to lay out these massive platforms without any real idea of what I’m actually going to be building on them.

Edit: I may be starting to lose control.


You’re using LBPR, right? I’m asking because of those stairs in the “corner”. I don’t think I’ve ever been able to build that in vanilla.

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Yeah. I normally just use it for stairs like that and squeezing benches closer together.


I was hoping that there might be a new trick to achieve that on vanilla, but LBPR seemed like the most likely answer :smiley:

Thanks for clarifying.

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These are some old pics. I wasn’t trying to do anything, just one thing led to another.

and after

This was before I bought the Argos DLC and ended up Building a Pantheon with pillars straddling the river. I thought it looked really nice but sadly I don’t have pictures of it.

I ended up wiping the whole thing. One of the NPC camps stopped spawning nearby and I also was getting horrible lag. Maybe one of these days I’ll rebuild haha


I like seeing how bases grow. Currently trying to figure out where to put a keep/gatehouse. Pretty much entirely decorative as I don’t have purges to worry about.


I saw the Flotsam materials, and I just couldn’t help but see a bar on the water.


I figured the Lake House was due for an update


Got bored waiting for the Siptah update, so I worked on the Red Tower. It used to be just the tower on the left.

As always, all builds on official PS4 consoles, no mods.


I am working on a pirate themed trader place for the players on my server right now. No modded building pieces just originals and dlc´s. Once I am finished I will post an update. Sorry, for the fog, but, its the jungle :innocent: :woman_shrugging:


My latest build on Siptah.
I’ve been inspired by Lyumi ( Lyumi Light - YouTube) who is a fantastic builder!