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Good call on Lyumi Light - amazing and inspirational builds! I would normally never link or promote streamed content, but this is an exception.

If Funcom have ever wanted to look for amazing base constructions then Lyumi Light should be at/near the top of the list. I’ve seen a lot of base builds, but almost every design is extraordinarily creative and well thought out. If this designer’s not been looked at by Funcom design dept, I’d like to hear what they say.


Always love it when players add realistic, quality of life ‘content’ to their builds. I am guessing that’s kind of pointless on PvP Official, but outside of that, your lovely build @speedice, would not look out of place in the new NPC settlement content on Siptah - which is excellent.

Turanian Palace with secret rooms and drawbridge


Show us the secret rooms :slight_smile:

last image where ruins are is basically what i made after damn stability loss killed 2 towers of mine… they were like in front… but now well this…

well damn i just figured out all towers had turrets made up them, but now they are goone after stability looss and looks like this

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Nice, I had a city kind of base on PvE-c and I made like tunnels below the roads and building
I was helpfull in a open base during PvP time :stuck_out_tongue:

I had this turret issue as well… I don’t think it ever fixed it just breaks at some point in time :confused:

I seem to have an obsession for building ships this was my ship on the Sipta map but due to an issue with the purge constantly spawning inside inaccessible parts of my ship support walls and pillars kept getting destroyed.

Iv recently started a new Siptah game so I might rebuild in the future.


:sailboat: click on the boat :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:


Building a city on Siptah:

Modifications done on the Exiled Lands treehouse:

All builds are without the use of a single mod. I like it, pure, I like it vanilla!


how did u managed to make perfect circle on that trreeehouse, i tryed with blocks and even using debaucheries but always one side is more bigger than other…

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It is pretty though, but with patience and a lot of trail and error you’ll succeed

I didn’t use the treefoundation at all on the treehouses in the screenshot, my foundation is a round base with 6 squares and 6 wedges all stuck together.

They fit almost perfect around the tree I chose. Start with the wedge and place it with the flat side facing you and the point facing the middle of the tree, its almost a perfect fit.

There thinner trees in the swamp and jungle, those are a little harder to use.

I’ve connected 5 trees, 1 of them is slightly out of alignment. but its hard enough to connect 3 so I’m happy with the result :stuck_out_tongue: more upcoming.


Love the treehouse @prologue1337 and thanks for the ideas. Been trying to build one for awhile with out using stilts underneath it, lol.

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Nice…here is my humble castle

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Looks awesome!

The rework is almost done, next rework is the stone wall down below… wood will be more suitable for a treehouse so begone stones!

After that, its time for some expansions still need some altars to place high above in the trees.

  • Total trees connected 6, 5 used
  • Anti gank PvE-C very safe while running around in the treehouses (you can smoke me out with gas lol, but I shoot back xD)
  • Map room, water, all benches and a wheel of pain

I wait for update 2.5 the smaller pen will be perfect for this build (I can fit a large pen with some creativity… but it wouldn’t look nice…).

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