Share your ships ⛵

Hey everyone , since Boats :anchor: are a popular " please add to the game " , that I have seen people looking for ship builds :aaaaaa: and that I have also seen some incredible builds in some other sections of the forum :canoe: :sailboat: :motor_boat: :ferry: . I thought that maybe making a topic dedicated to ships might uncover a lot of cool builds still dormant or at least make it easier to find for people that want “inspiration” :star_struck:

So I will start with some screens of my own build the pirate fishermen : :pirate_flag: :fishing_pole_and_fish:

Ps : sorry for the colors of the 4 lasts screens ( fake sandstorm incoming made them too bright , I will try to take some better and replace )


Share your ships… spaceships count? :man_astronaut:

Funcom ONE :rocket:

Alien-FROG Spaceship :flying_saucer:

Note: When I build a ship on water :sailboat:, it will definitely show it. :wink:


Kanza1 Kenobi approves :wink:


My ship is not pretty, it is not well built. For the sake of this presentation I even should have built two.
So what my ship does ?

“Sail away, sail away …” lol


Mmm. This thread gives me inspiration. I actually started building both a replica of a sinking RMS Titanic as well as a “flying” (ie. built on transparent glass pillars) model of the SDF-1 from the Macross series for a mod building contest, but the mods I would’ve needed to adequately complete either weren’t compatible with each other.

Maybe one day.

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Speaking of boats.
I’ve been working on this papyrus river boat that I’d like to add into the game as a buildable object.
Another version is a ghost version that would be seen passing over the lore stone near the Sentinels. Of course laden with tributes of gold, silver and sacrificial flesh. Piloted by ghosts of course.


Ghostship we build 4 Halloween 2020. Still love this one ;>


The Yamatai Ship my clan member built, possibly drawing inspiration from The Black Galleon.

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