Share your ships ⛵

Hey everyone , since Boats :anchor: are a popular " please add to the game " , that I have seen people looking for ship builds :aaaaaa: and that I have also seen some incredible builds in some other sections of the forum :canoe: :sailboat: :motor_boat: :ferry: . I thought that maybe making a topic dedicated to ships might uncover a lot of cool builds still dormant or at least make it easier to find for people that want “inspiration” :star_struck:

So I will start with some screens of my own build the pirate fishermen : :pirate_flag: :fishing_pole_and_fish:

Ps : sorry for the colors of the 4 lasts screens ( fake sandstorm incoming made them too bright , I will try to take some better and replace )


Share your ships… spaceships count? :man_astronaut:

Funcom ONE :rocket:

Alien-FROG Spaceship :flying_saucer:

Note: When I build a ship on water :sailboat:, it will definitely show it. :wink:


Kanza1 Kenobi approves :wink:


My ship is not pretty, it is not well built. For the sake of this presentation I even should have built two.
So what my ship does ?

“Sail away, sail away …” lol


Mmm. This thread gives me inspiration. I actually started building both a replica of a sinking RMS Titanic as well as a “flying” (ie. built on transparent glass pillars) model of the SDF-1 from the Macross series for a mod building contest, but the mods I would’ve needed to adequately complete either weren’t compatible with each other.

Maybe one day.

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