Second Attempt at a ship build

My second attempt at building a ship. I went with a more angular design, a lot wider as well. Starts with a 3 wide base in the water and expands from there. You can check it out on Official PvE server 3890 in the Jungle, just south of Buccaneer Bay.

Suggestions on how to make proper sails for the ship would be awesome. I’ve considered the black hand buildings, but they clip through the floor. If I’m only worried about how it looks on the outside though I think I can make them work somewhat.


What Platform are you on?

Sails, hmm that’s a tall order (pun very much intended!)

This is about the best I can come up with atm. Not good I know.

Good luck.

I’m playing on PS4.

No thoughts on the sail?

That was the first ship I built, using the banners for sails.

I’m thinking of leaving it the way it is, and have the illusion of it having oars, at least until I figure out a way to actually give it oars. Hopefully with a future DLC.

I’m building another ship (gonna end up with a fleet, I’m sure) that is set lower into the water so I can have a wider base to start. Hopefully that will prevent the stability issue that left holes in my ship. Just wish the water wasn’t so deep where I’m building!

You could also argue that when moored up the sails wouldnt be raised.

If you ever fancy buiding a ship on my server, it would be lovely addition to have.

Keep up the great ship building.


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