My Pirate Ship AKA - The Black Trident

Hello Fellow Exiles i would like to share with you some pictures of my ship that iv been working on Since the full release of the Siptah DLC.

In the past i have made many ships and structures in this game both big and small never satisfied and always striving to build bigger and better things but after building with the Storm Glass and with the flotsam sets all i could think of was building a ship. Now i made the same ship some time back during the Siptah Early access faze but i was not happy with sum aspects of the ship such as exploding pieces, water levels, the location (too many crocs) and purges being able to spawn inside the walls and breaking support pillars so i made the choice to delete it and start a new. After the full release however i decided to give this build a second try and here i am.
The inspiration for my ship was the Black Purl from Pirates of the Caribbean and used an amalgamation of Storm glass, Flotsam and Insulated wood and im very happy with my result.

Ok now i know that from a realistic stand point that the dimension’s in some areas are a bit off this is due to structural integrity and wanting to be able to add both a wheel of pain and a shrine as well as enough space for all my crafting needs and storage.

Now As for the ship
The Ship is built using the Storm glass set as well as the flotsam and insulated wood sets. i built the ship on a single player server and over time am planning on adding decorations and a crew made of thralls that i plane on abducting throughout my play through on the island of Siptah so sorry for the lack of decoration in the following pics im still trying to work out where to place things.
Now this build was not built legit i Confess i did build it using the help of mods and with that said i would like to give a big no Huge no No MASSIVE thanks to the following Modder’s :Multigun, hades and alrenstromeveer for creating the mods i used in this build and for making the crafting and building in this game more enjoyable then it already is and i would like to Thank all at Funcom for making such an incredible game.

Mods Used
#Less Building Placement Restrictions - v7.2.9

Now For the Pics

Angle 1

Angle 2

Back Angle

Top View

Deck View

Lower Deck Crafting room

Lower deck bed chamber’s entry room

Lower deck bed chamber’s entry room view of crafting room entry

Bed chambers lower view

Bed chambers walk in closet or extra storage

Bed chambers upper view

Stairs to bottom deck Bathroom

Bottom deck Bath/Pool/Turtle room

Lower deck front Kitchen

Bottom Deck crew Quarters

Upper Level Front Entry

Upper Level Front Dining Room

Upper Level back Entry - 2x holding cells located next to centre staircase.

2x Extra storage under left and right staircases

Back Upper Deck Trophy/ Display room

Back Upper Deck Navigations room/ Storage

Back upper floor entry

Back Upper floor captains quarters

Captains Quarters extra storage maybe bed

Can support wheel of pain and greater wheel of pain if i remove the barrel’s.

Steering Wheel

Steering Wheel angle 2


Big ups to @Multigun but my God man that ship is incredible. :eyes:


Congratulations , it is outstanding .
In this game the possibilities are endless , it is proved by creative persons like you .
I would love to have a house like this one .
once more congratulations m8 , awesome :+1:


Glad you guys are enjoying the pics😁 I’m gonna hold of on decorating it too much for now until I get a purge there so I can see where they spawn.


Nice :paw_prints:

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Try to build something Infront on the beach , maybe they will focus there . Still this is exactly what you fix when you don’t need anything anymore , so you won’t need purge too :wink: .
I have a bridge museum on 3728 , after I fixed it I never risk a purge again . Plus I was never able to place all the weapons , after I finished the first floor , the lags were so great that I had to stop . If you start decorating it and fill it with loot then you might not enjoy playing in it anymore , for this reason only I don’t try these builds in official servers anymore :pensive: . Yet if you’re pc maybe things are different , on consoles we have great issues .

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I think @Deamo wants to figure out if they can get them to walk the plank. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:


@Barnes , Nicole uploaded a building contest , I get it’s time to remove some rust and start building :wink:


Yea I was planning on distracting the purges by adding a makeshift dock with a fishing shack out the front attached to the foundation at the bottom of the ramp. I’m also gonna add extra workstations so it looks like the ship got stranded and is getting repaired by the crew and so I have somewhere to place my fish traps and pet turtle.

And as for walking the plank I’m trying out a few things with that.:wink: