Boats / Water Building Enhancement

With the release of the new DLC for PC, some friends and I were discussing a way to build custom boats or at least a better way to build on the water. IOS has such a large body of water surrounding the island and I, personally, believe it would be a waste to not make use of it by allowing us to build on it.
We already have pirate themed armour and the Cutlass as a weapon so why not let us go the whole mile and expand on the idea as a whole. It would open up new possibilities for playing the game by having a travelling base and, as someone who spends a lot of time utilising the building system it would give us a new playstyle while sacrificing the ability to use larger structures such as the animal pen.


Great idea as ive said in a simular thread, however as stated there by someone else exiled lands doesnt contain enough water area for funcom to justify such a feature. They said subtly in the previous dev stream they prefer to stick to features that would be beneficial to both maps.

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Not so much amount of water ether, its how game engine handles it. Boats are not really something they can do, with out redoing stuff and putting a chunk of effort in.

A small log, or canoe would be fine for main river. (you kinda need crocs in water and evil fish and stuff to give yourself a reason for it. XD

Thou, I’ve asked, like many other for even docks, and other shore related items.

if you are interested in boat builds you may find some in those 2 threads ,share your shelter (look 1st post) lots of screenshots but not only boats
and the more recent share your ships (if you have a boat build , share it with the community there ! :wink: )

but as stated by others , it’s been a reccurent demand from players , and devs said it would be very likely to see them implemented one day …

If Fancom decide to expand Siptah with new small/medium islands travelling between them with boats could be a good option. Otherwise boat is seems a bit pointless for travel around Siptah.

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