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Do you use any building mod? I loved the way you made the stairs overlap with de foundations, if it was not a mod i will try it, because the char can not walk over a stair of foundations with diferent heigths without jump, and thrall could not move throug it. Im used to place a fence foundation beetwen then to solve it but if i could overlap a stair like in the picture it wold be great.

@EduMariano place a fence foundation on the lower attach point of the lateral face of the higher foundation (they have 2, one aligned with the top, the other a little lower). Snap the other foundation there. Rinse and repeat. Start with the higher foundation. That’s also how you line ramps with foundations properly, btw.

See line 2. That’s where you want the fence foundation to snap.


It’s LBPR, as mentioned in the first post. Less Building Placement Restrictions. Though the method @Marcospt illustrated above works as well. I just used the standard raising method of using a fence/wall to raise the next foundation up 1/4 height. I use LBPR to put the stairs in with overlaps.

The fence foundations will raise it up 1/8th of a foundation’s height and is low enough to just walk up.
EDIT: attaching this image to show the height difference from the method. This is from fence foundations and it’s low enough to just walk up.

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And if you want one click more, if we say that the distance between 1 and 2 is a click, you attach a foundation on a wall. The distance that @Marcospt performed you can use foundations as steps, they work really fine, on the double click you need to jump, that means that either your archers keep position, either the mobs or npcs cannot climb unless glitch happens. I use the second method to demonstrate a statue, or a flower, etc. It’s nice that devs left these windows “open”, players with great creativity on the building aspect are creating beautiful things.

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Like this. Both statues were placed on wedge foundations raised using that technique.




Looks cool!

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I accidentally started a new game on EL because I forgot to change the map to siptah. Oh well, I’ve lost neater stuff before. This time I figured I’d make the spot where my carpenter bench is into a small archery range (once I unlock things like the targets).

EDIT: I generally have a rule against using the admin panel for any reason whatsoever - however, the acquisition of t3 building pieces is not one of those reasons. Crafting costs and times are immaterial, but I just cannot be that cruel to my mouse wheel or to the crafting menu… all those DLCs.


More WIP


This is remarkable man, remarkable, really well done, please send interior photos, thank you

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Very much a WIP though.

The foundations are all on the same snap grid so now that that’s finally done, It just gets pretty from here on out.

Ive got about half a dozen outposts around but this will be home soon.

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Now upgraded to level 2! Master Blacksmith’s manor.

Building sets used: Argossian, Aquilonian & Stables/Riders of Hyboria.
255 building pieces, 117 placeables.
No mods.

Exterior views:
Guards are a must, many unsavoury individuals roam these lands.

Water, a harsh mistress… (that fountain is a giant pain in the *** to place)

Casting table for moulds and the blacksmith himself hard at work.

And a furnace, for obvious reasons… and a camel to carry all that ore.

Entrance with the kitchen (and supplies!) in the rear.

Dining ‘room’ and private alchemy lab to the right of the kitchen.

View from the dining room, storage chests near the door and some decorative plants.

The bedroom, spartan decoration but functional.

May have gone a bit overboard with the number of screenshots… :smiley:


Nah, you’re good! And it looks nice! GJ!


Here’s one of my Siptah server bases… Finally close to being finished… maybe about 95% done. I might add a backyard Zath shrine or something later… with an animal pen on top (or under)?

View in up to 1440p rez… ;p



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The Guys on the server always refer to my place as Vaders Castle, its not a great screenshot, but whatever :slight_smile:


I’ve fallen into the old trap where I keep starting a game over and over trying to combine things I did previously I liked into one building. Trying to find something that isn’t too basic but doesn’t end up becoming so complex that running around taking care of stuff is like being in a hamster habitat.


I’m curious what your FoV is set at, Tele… that video is jarring to watch.

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Inspired by watching the termae of the new rome, after a long time of postponing the construction in the antique style, I built a palace in a single player without using mods, later I will rebuild it into a full-fledged settlement on a private server