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What you see in ss is exactly how the game looks on my monitor… no IPS, VA or video card filters. But I do have a rather extensive custom modified engine.ini that pushes game UE4 to its limits. Let me know if this answer your question or you would like me to detail it further. Cheers!

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Not my build…but this deserves a Share:

For players out there not appreciating even part of the complexities of the Exiled Lands, Siptah, Modded Maps, etc, just have a watch of one or two videos of this Designer’s work. Can you imagine the work done by the FC Devs, and by Modders making custom maps? Astounding really.

What’s more, if someone does a map mod, whenever the Devkit is updated, the map has to be updated too. Really inspirational work.

(I wonder what the levels of work were needed to retro-address the undermesh boundaries for Exiled Lands map? I wonder how many Devs rage-quit that project :smiley: )


New design

je n’ai pas encore utiliser le bonus de stabilité, préférant garder une limite traditionnel qui sera que plus savoureuse à dépasser

Mais elle donne déjà des idées inintéressante :stuck_out_tongue:


My humble abode:))
Includes a palace, several taverns, bank, tournament arena, museum, theater, hospital, like a ton of secret passages and sewers, and maybe some other stuff


Simply gorgeous.



I have this small level one purge base. It was mostly used to get a pair of Bartenders.


First of all welcome to the forum m8 :blush:.
I am happy you made it to the end of a long and wonderful project. Years ago when i bought blood and sand dlc i started a city on a different account since i didn’t want to ruin my main account single player version. Unfortunately after a month of working in this city i logged in to nothing. Playstation 4 couldn’t handle it :confused:.
That’s why i am very happy you made it to the end, congratulations :metal:.

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This was going to be my video entry into the “Summer Retreat” contest.
However, due to unusual circumstances, I withdrew.
So, on that note here is my video of “Summer Retreat”.