Sheol - getting stuck before falling

Basically I was on the bridge part of Sheol, the one with a behemoth, one fly, cambions and marionettes (I think there might be a stalker too?) but I accidentally fell off on the left side but got caught by the edge, I tried jumping and possibly getting a slaughter with my guns to get back up but nothing worked making me stuck there until I restarted
I have footage of this but can’t post it here because I’m a new user and mp4s aren’t valid for this

Greetings from Hell!

Thank you for your report. Can you upload your video to Youtube or to a similar platform and share the link with us?

We await your reply.

Redone the glitch so you can see how it works and sorry for the low quality

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Thank you for your report. We shared the information with our team for more investigation.

We appreciate your patience while we review your case.

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