! BUG FOR MONTHS! FIX! Thralls Keeping Falling to Death on Elevators

**Game mode:**Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: USA

Thralls will -constantly- die due to falling when going up, or down multiple elevators.


AND NO you did NOT fix this in the May patch.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Find elevator.
  2. Go up it.
  3. Thrall falls through, Dies on ground below.
  4. Rage Quit. Blow up Forums for MONTHS. Nothing gets done. Tell friends, Online Social media and ANYONE ELSE --NOT-- to buy game.

Solution: Don’t take thralls up elevators by having them follow you. Instead place them on the ground nearby, then put them in placement mode again while going up elevator. Once at the top, re position the thrall somewhere nearby.

That is NOT a solution. That is garbage.

Fix this Funcom. Now.


This is known as a workaround, not a fix. Another example:
Patient: “Doctor, it hurts when I move my arm like this.”
Doctor: “Don’t move your arm like that. We’ll bill your insurance.”

No, Lowenblau. No.

I hold the DEVELOPERS of the game ACCOUNTABLE for a PLAYABLE game.

Thralls are a NECESSARY part of the game. And are ----BROKEN----

Your example would make A LITTLE_ sense if the doctor was God and had the ABILITY to fix the issue, BUT CHOOSES NOT TO…

Do you understand how what you said doesn’t make any sense?
Can you acknowledge that, Lowenblau?

How hard must it be for a game developer to change fall damage in a game they created?!

I dont come to a company’s support forums for WORKAROUNDS. Fix your broken game.

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I’m really sorry your Stygian fighter 2 died a very preventable death on an elevator, but raging and spamming the forums over a very well known issue with a very easy work around really isn’t productive. RIP Stygian fighter 2.

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there are more important bugs than this. especially when there has been an easy “work around” for months. and your getting mad @Lowenblau is pointless because he wasn’t disagreeing with you. Calm your sh$$ and talk with respect to the people you want help from, or don’t cuz hey why not it seems to be working for you so well so far.

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Not being able to travel with Thralls is a HUGE bug and deserves TOP priority.

I am using the thralls as they were intended, I am not going to trouble myself with some COOKED up WORKAROUND for something as simple as FALL DAMAGE. “Well DUR you see you have to trick your thralls into…” Be quiet.

This has been an issue since RELEASE

Like-Minded posts have been hidden, then deleted. Why? Because rather than fix an issue, they have little fan-bois that are okay with WORKAROUNDS.




That’s really just your opinion. There’s far worse issues going on that still haven’t been patched. You’re butt hurt over a stupid thrall, the majority of PVP servers have been wrecked by rampant exploits that have pretty much killed the game’s overall population. But go on crying and raging about a thrall that many could until very recently dupe over and over again(Along with all fitted gear and anything in its inventory). Yep totally your stygian fighter II falling off an elevator is far more important than the mere fact that there’s actual major fires the dev team is actively working to put out.

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I’ve just checked the recently added community issues Trello board which lists bugs and their status. It states that the issue of companions (their wording) dying from fall damage has the status of high priority and has been fixed internally.
Fixed internally obviously means it’s not on the live servers yet. But usually it is part of the next patch. Check the patch notes when the next patch comes out to see if it was included.
You can find the link to this board in a pinned thread “public community issue board” in the pc updates and bugs section on these forums. (Apologies that I can not link directly as I’m typing on a tablet and haven’t figured out how to copy and embed from it)

oh buttercup its ok. all that anger, you just need a hug.


How about unconscious Thralls on rope? Those die too, and that is not preventable as there are wheels of pain strategically positioned on high places (pvp servers).

Thralls are a major feature on this game and these bugs are annoying and game breaking as it makes you waste time. Op is right to complain, bugs that exista from EA phase like this one should be fixed since launch. This is what a serious company would do.

How about build destructible sand stone ramps like what most other clans do on wheel bases high up? You can and will get ambushed at an elevator box and nobody wants to lose a thrall to an elevator side mugging either. Better yet, go ahead and put your wheel base down on the ground and empty it out before raid window or accept eventual losses. No real reason to put a wheel base high up either unless you were using the wheels to dupe thralls/valuables to begin with. Sure, they can fix the fall damage bug for a knocked out thrall, but its not nearly as a problem as other issues, like offline after pvp hours raiding, glitching to be invisible, infinite stamina javelins or other miscellaneous garbage. OP doesn’t need to be crying and opening up multiple threads about the same thing over and over again. That’s just being overly salty.

Usually just hold down your finger on the link you wish to copy, and select copy when it comes up. That’s on Android though, no idea about iPads.

Thread has turned into a flame fest. Since it is no longer productive or constructive by any means, it is now locked.