Thralls falling through the ceiling the 1024th Bug report (with video footage)

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [ Bug ]
Region: [EU]

I really love this game…I do…but there is only so much more that I can take…

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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Sorry for your loss mate, i’d be angry too.
it happened to me just before official realese in SP but fortunately no one died…
It didn’t happen to me online though.
Now i’m back to SP again and this bug didn’t hapen to me yet…thought they had fixed it, but hey, you can never rely on funcom patch notes, that’s a fact you have just confirmed once again…

Btw, one quest: your thralls have all their weapons equiped i noticed, are they not bugged then when a fight happen? because in my game, after fighting, some thralls will randomly keep their weapons equiped, and if i don’t put it back in their inventory slot, they will be bugged for the next battle 100%,
And when i say “bugged”, i mean they just don’t act while the battle is going on.
For your issue i know no solution, sorry, except avoiding going high up when a thrall is following, especially in your own base where the ground is actually what you built by yourself and not the regular ground of the game environnement, since as you noticed they can literally go through it…

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PC Patch Notes (15.06.2018) Build 100728/18311

“Fixed some issues with Thralls falling through the floor. There are several different issues linked to this bug and we keep working on addressing all of them.”

Ok, so apparently, it was not entirely fixed and they keep on workin on it.

Fair enough, I thought I remembered them saying they fixed it aswell.

The Thralls auto equip and unequip weapons, I have not seen them fight often, so I don’t really know if they get bugged much.

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