When the hell will thralls be fixed?

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Region: EU #1213

Had a T4 tanner, was glad I’d get more tar for steel. But no. As I was going up the elevator to my house on the cliff, the thrall just went and disappeared. I didn’t drop the binding. He just vanished.

You’re trying to implement pets. I don’t give a crap about pets, I want what you already have in the game to be functional. The last patch you did didn’t fix anything, and then you had to hotfix it because it broke more stuff. Can you at least tell me that anything is being done to address the pile of bugs that is your game so that maybe in a couple of years it will be playable?

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Capture thrall
  2. Go up semi-long elevator
  3. Thrall disappears for no reason

I completely agree. Pets, I don’t care at all. Feeding thralls, whatever.

My defense thralls being useless? That’s a big deal.



This is not a solution, simply an identification and workaround.

There are presently two states of unconscious thrall: fresh and stale. Fresh thralls are supple. Stale thralls lay flatly, with hand across stomach, and “zip” behind you as if rubber banded.

Without going into unreasonable detail, when a thrall reaches this stale state it is unsafe to take him on an elevator. You must either build stair to your wheel, take him to another wheel, or wait for him to awaken. When he wakes you can bonk him again and take him up the elevator as normal.

A stale thrall on an elevator will sometimes show up at the base, dead. Other times he’ll just disappear. If you have subtitles on, and listen closely, they’ll often say their death words the instant the elevator kills them. I have a 100% success rate using the three methods above.


With the new thrall feeding system, I get the death words from my thralls when they die. So, he is correct on that part. There is something going on with the thrall falling from the elevator. I have not tested this myself since all of my wheels are at ground level.

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They’re never fixing it, they don’t have the competence to do so. Instead, they are forcing some stupid design choice of feeding thralls.

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