Folowers telepots on topp off me so i get stuck

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Time to time folowers respawn ontopp of me and i get stuck, it happend some times b4 but now its several times a day.

And when open invetory is the E button that you tell the folower to go you can only open inv.

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Only way to come out off it is to remove beraslet so i die and respawn but that anoying if you are far away trom the bed

This issue with the thralls is sooooo bad I am about to say goodbye to Conan. I cannot figure out if all the performance patching they had to do after all the testing is why it is so bad but I cannot believe this was not a major issue in UAT. If you are in a fish hut, in an elevator shaft, at a door, or other small area you can NOT get the thrall off of you. With the pets I have had them transport so I am in inside of them multiple times every single time I take them out. You cannot use E to redirect them in an elevator shaft because like masmassu said - you only get the inventory to open or you get - ‘your thrall cannot move there’,‘your thrall most be on a placeable surface’ or some other unhelpful issue . Even changing view to P for better view around the pet your are looking through, crouching, trying to tell them to guard - does not wokr. I am getting ganked in PVP because the dang thralls are so bugged! someone just has to watch you until your thrall transports on your and bang - you’re dead.

And don’t even get me started on why they used the E key to control the thrall. Every. single. time. you want to open a box, table, door, elevator, harvest something - you command your thrall. Which works about 40% of the time when they do actually move. Otherwise they just stand right where they are. This happens so often I cannot begin to tell you the multiple ways to replicate this. I will say it is worse with my sabertooth than my human thrall but both do it.

If you walk into a elevator shaft with a door and you are not fast enough to close the door in your thralls face, you can either tell your thrall to stop following and wait 15-20 mins, pull your bracelet, or remove the door and try to get an angle to move him to guard to. This is when the elevator approach is a single wide foundation with a door immediately at the elevator. The elevator pull is behind the door when entering.

If you want the other thousands of issues with the thrall being a part of you, just walk around the map harvesting with a thrall.

Try reconnect next time :wink:

i did several times but nothing happend still stuck untill i died or the folower Went back to home.

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Until it gets patched,
try doing a dodge roll, it seems to work most of the time to disengage form the follower.

If you crouch you pop out of your follower. I’ve litterally been inside of my greater bear and just hitting crouch pops me out instantly. No need to remove your bracelet.

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Hey there,

Thanks for the feedback and apologies for the frustration. It’s been sent to our team so they can look into this issue.


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