Stuck inside thrall+ horse


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  1. I farm Iron
    2.Coming to a node and farm
    3.Horse + Thrall come to me
    4.They run up my ■■■ and get me stucked, cant move a cm.
  2. I relog and it doesnt help
  3. i try to put them in stand guard and then i get the stupid message (a new thing put into game) ’ Must be placed on walkable floor’
  4. You haev had almost a year to fix this crap, stop making new contest when there are TONS of bugs in this game.



Remove bracelet. Return to body, gather inventory.

This is the only work-around of which I am aware.

Yeah I love this bug as well… Can’t do s**t, forced to suicide and risk losing items.
Also there’s bug that makes invisible itemes in inventory, can’t unequip heavy armor for climbing etc.

Today’s update may help that! Also a Katana is your best friend. I always have one along for stuck situations. You can power up the charge attack and it will move you through your followers.


DIdn’t know about that, thanks for that.
Seems like todays update bring more issues than actually fixing them.

I’ve also had success with telling your mount to Return, assuming you can select it. It loses its armor but better than losing your sigils via suicide. Rescue, from the Follower menu has also worked for me.

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